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So we took him to his crib, and everything went well as planned
But when we took his diaper off, there was a big old mess, Sheeba was a man

I am so poetic and so aptly deft at using the copy and paste function that I was able to rearrange the words of the one and only Tone Loc to announce the birth of my second son, Adam B. Arsenault aka the baby formerly known as Sheeba.

Adam was born at the end of July and the First Lady and I are over the moon.  His brother the Association aka NBA is pretty pumped that he will now have  someone to practice his back to the basket moves on, catch his north/south off speed pitches and share the blame for some of his future foiled schemes and follies. (more…)


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Baby Sheeba

When will Sheeba make an appearance?  You may be wondering to yourself “Who is Sheeba?”  Well Sheeba is the First Lady and I’s unborn child at the moment.  The handle Sheeba is derived from the top of his/her ultra sound.  The ultra sound read TOSHIBA ARSENAULT in the top left corner.  Toshiba didn’t offer me any kind of naming rights so I used my poetic license to change the name to a more manageable word like Sheeba. 

This practice of naming the baby bump it’s ultra sound name isn’t new to the First Lady and I.  You may recall that the Association was once the baby formerly known as baby Siemens.  After the Association was born the moniker baby Siemens disappeared pretty quickly, however there’s be a few times when I’ll come across an advertisement for Siemens or see a Siemens truck on the road and I’ll chuckle to myself about how we addressed our unborn child by that title.

In the present day the Association is quite happy calling his unborn brother/sister – Baby Sheeba.  He seems to be getting quite excited about Sheeba’s arrival.  The First Lady and I are starting the home stretch as Sheeba’s due date is quickly approaching (it’s next week).  Thankfully the First Lady is quite organized and has divvied up many list for me to complete  before Sheeba’s arrival (or unthankfully depending on the sheer size of the list).  However no matter how organized or prepared we are for baby number 2’s arrival there’s still one thing that we are missing.  We’ve become so accustomed to calling the baby Sheeba that we haven’t nailed down an actual as of yet.  Time is a ticking and negotiations are running late into our evenings, yet no name as of yet. 

I’m pretty shameless so I’m open to accepting something of monetary value in exchange for the naming rights to baby Sheeba.  So if you or your place of business is interested just drop me a line in the comment box.  Similarly if corporate baby naming rights isn’t your thing  but you have a solid male or female name for us please don’t be shy and help us with your thoughts.

Tick, tock, tick tock……………….

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The First Lady (Claire), The Association (N8) and I are proud to announce that we are expecting our 2nd child.  Mark your calendars for August 7th.  If this date seems somewhat familiar it’s probably because this date also marks the Association’s birthday.  Can you say 2 for 1 birthday party at Chucky Cheese?

For those keeping score at home you would be right to assume that I was kept on a tightly coordinated schedule to ensure a summer arrival of the new bundle of joy.  Trust me it was hard work, but I persevered 🙂

Thanks for your well wishes.  Many more blog updates are likely to follow.  Cheers.

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NBA aka the Association, aka the baby formerly known as Baby Siemens, now more commonly known as N8 the Great has once again made it known that he will likely challenge Dikembe Mutombo for the league lead in blocks.  N8 first made his defensive prescence known when he rejected his first immunization shots. 

This time the little man used his defensive prowess to reject his very first bottle of formula.  Last evening the First Lady and I decided to give her mammaries a rest.  So we decided that it would be a good time to introduce a bottle of formula to the future 1st team defensive wizard.  He’s had countless bottles before with relative ease, but during those times the bottle contained breast milk (yummy eh?).  This time however the bottle was full of gooey goodness formula.  The little big man stayed in his defensive posture and rejected my attempts with a ferocious scream and yelp.  Better yet he even managed a -like finger wag as if to say “Not this time Daddy-O!”  I was thwarted on a number of occasions, finally I had to pull the rip cord on the operation and abort the mission. 

The scoreboard now reads


Check the ticker for daily updates on this classic confrontation.

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Well, it has been a busy two months for me in this new world. I, Nate the Great, am 10 weeks old now and I can’t even remember what it was like to be in Mummy’s tummy anymore. How time flies! My days usually consist of eating, sleeping, pooping, going for walks and playing with Mummy & Daddy. However, some more exciting milestones that I have accomplished in the last 10 weeks include… (more…)

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I suppose the title of this entry is a little bit misleading.  I know what you are thinking who cares about the NBA’s shot block leader this early into the preseason?  The acronym NBA isn’t referring to the National Basketball Association.  It refers to the First Lady’s and I’s newborn son, Nathan Bonnar Arsenault. 

Yesterday he had to go for his two month shots.  To soothe the little guy’s concerns I tried to convey to him that you can’t hurt steel.  This seemed to make him a little defiant to the whole process.  During the process the little guy was trying as hard as he could be to a defensive shot blocker in the likeness of Mark Eaton or Dikembe Mutombo, but his efforts were futile and the doctor delivered them despite N8’s best efforts.  Speaking of Mutombo, I believe N8 Dogg even waved his finger at the doctor after her first attempt.  Come to think about it N8’s english was far better than Dikembe’s too.

N8 ended crying a little, but I think I beat him the tears shed department.  I am now ranked 3rd toughest person in the house behind the First Lady and N8.

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With the new television season upon us it has donned on me that I’m pooched.  I mean royally screwed when choosing a television program.  Normally I would trumpet the fall season’s arrival, but this year there’s so much pressure to make wise viewing selections.  Being a new father I have to take a greater responsibility of what I put in front of my newborn son, Nate.  However, my anguish over television program selection has nothing to do with the horrific violence, gratuitous sex or poor language that are on display all too often according some critics and parent advocacy groups. My problem runs much deeper than that. (more…)

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