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After such a ballyhooed annoucement a few months ago, the condor has finally landed and Straight From The Arse is proud to present the insightful musings of Sarah “Cold Stone” Gaade.  Enjoy the recap and add your thoughts about the Emmys with a comment or two. 

It was such an honour and a privilege to get asked to contribute as Awards host correspondent for the ‘Straight from the Arse’ blog. The budget for my travel expenses was quite limited, so I was forced to report from my La-Z-Boy. Here goes it… (more…)

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After months of tedious negotiations and much deliceration straightfromthearse.wordpress.com is pleased to announce the acquisition of “Cold Stone” Sarah Gaade as special correspondent for awards show. In an attempt to increase female readership (the last census would indicate I have 2), I have decided to bring on board this young and talented writer to comment on the world of award shows.

Ms. Gaade brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into the world of celebrity culture and gossip. Her wit and unique sense of observation will bring a new layer to the blog as we approach our eight month anniversary and our 10,000 hit mark. 

Watch for Stone Cold Gaade’s debut column on the ESPYs sometime soon (No pressure Gaade). 


Not fussy about FILENE’S basement being closed.

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