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Detroit Red Wings’ captain...

One final thing that I can’t let go without a rant. Why in hell are the Wings so called “classy” players bashing Crosby for not shaking their hands? Are you serious? He had just won the Stanley Cup and this group of elitist dirt bags have the audacity to question his actions? The last time I checked, the winning team dictated when the hand shake line starts, not the poor losers from Detroit. Anything to knock the kid. Kris Draper should spend some more time realizing that he has taken an IHL amount of talent and some how won 4 Cups, than crying about not getting what he believes is rightfully his, a 5th.

Re-watching the tape, from the final buzzer until Lidstrom impatiently started the hand shake line was about 3 and a half minutes. Last year the Pens’ waited at least that long for the Wings to celebrate, without whining and poo-pooing. It just shows the Wings real colours. Oh and Marian Hossa, you can enjoy playing in hockey obscurity for the next 5-6 years, while the Pens’ are collecting championships, nice move a-hole. Ok that’s it for me. LET’S GO PENS’!! Pass the Tylenol.

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It’s the series we all wanted as Penguin fans, a rematch with the defending Cup Champs, and a chance to get back at turn-coat Marian Hossa, who bolted a pretty good gig in the ‘Burgh, to have a “better” chance at winning with the Wings. More on that in a bit. A decent amount of hate has built up between these teams in back to back Cup Finals, and the fans have caught on to the bad blood. The Wings won the first two games at the Joe, 3-1. But unlike last year, the Pens’ actually deserved at least one of these two based on effort. Basically it was looking a bit better despite the 0-2 hole. (more…)

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East Final vs Carolina

This could be called the mis-match series, as the Canes’ had no hope in hell winning it after two tough upset 7 game wins vs the Devils and Boston. This time it was Malkin’s turn to dominate like no other in the game. (more…)

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Round Two vs Washington

I’m sure the suits at the NHL would have wanted this for the East final, or in some fantasy-land, the Cup Final, but Alex Ovechkin vs Sidney Crosby in Round Two would have to do.


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Round One vs Philadelphia

The Filthy Cryers as they are known to a lot of die-hard Penguins fans, were first up on the Pens’ dance card. (more…)

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This is my good pal The Duke.  He’s a die hard Pittsburgh Penguins fan (I think he even has a Peter Taglianetti jersey) and during the playoffs I asked (or begged him depending on who’s telling the story)  him to recount some of the emotions that he was feeling while watching his team’s quest to the cup (unfortunately a triumphant one at that.  A shame really because I was really looking forward to reading about his mental breakdown). 

I figured that the now 7 straight from the arse readers (thanks Manny from Etobicoke for your support) deserved to get somekind of insight into the NHL playoffs and with me being a Toronto Maple Leaf fan, my insight into the postseason was over in October when the first puck was dropped on the Buds season.

The Duke is a talented and passionate dude and he agreed to write down his thoughts whether his team won or loss (I guess we’ll never know now if game 7 went the other way).  I’m creating The Duke’s own section on my blog of mediocrity.  The Duke has proven to be quite verbose in his recount so I’ll be posting his thoughts on each series separately. 

Without any further ado, I give you The Duke.

First let me start by saying I’m a very proud Pittsburgh Penguins fan, and have been since around the 86-87 season. That was before 3 Stanley Cup titles, downtown ticker-tape parades, draft lotteries that changed the face of the franchise, and a hall of fame player/owner saving the team for the umpteenth time from banishment to some other Gary Bettman hand picked U.S. city starving for hockey. During my 20 plus years following the “flightless birds”, there have been many ups, almost as many downs, but never, and I repeat NEVER have I been this proud to be a fan of the team. As the master of this blog, Mr. Arsenault likes to rip on fans that use the term “we” when referring to their teams success. But I’m going to make an exception to his rule, and say WE are the champions!! I say that due to the fact that so much is invested in a Stanley Cup run as a fan, not the least of which is time and emotional toll.

Every other night, there you are in front of the TV, nervous, excited, bitter, and sweet all rolled into one. It truly has an affect on your life (rightly or wrong). My girlfriend Krystal at times just ignores me all together during the playoffs, and just prays for a good outcome, for fear I’m in a miserable stupor post loss (hard to believe me being miserable!). Obviously there are more important things in life than a hockey game, or its’ outcome, but to brush it off so simply doesn’t do it justice either. This is who we are as Canadians. We love the sport whether we can explain it or not, and that is why the past two months of my life have been one hell of a roller coaster of fun. Here now is a recap of the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins march to the pinnacle, from my point of view.

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