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3rd Email from the EGG TOUR


Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 18:51

Hello to all,
Well our time in New Brunswick is coming to an end.  We are heading towards Québec City tomorrow.  The egg tour has been a rousing success in New Brunswick however.  All of our events went extremely well.  Both Duke and I had a lot of fun.  The best event during our stay in New Brunswick was an event at the Moncton YMCA.  We blew up the egg inside a basketball gym and there was 50 some odd kids standing around.  They were so happy and excited that there was a huge 20 foot egg in the middle of their gym.  We also conducted hard boiled egg relay races and the kids really liked them ( I found it hysterical that the kids were whipping the eggs against the walls, but I wasn’t really supposed to be laughing and I think the organizer was upset that I was laughing so hard, but oh well, it was funny to see the little hombres smack those eggs around). 

While in New Brunswick Duke and I stayed with members of our family.  We stayed with Duke’s Uncle Keith the first two nights.  We arrived at his house at 5:00 and he greeted us with a few beers.  At that point he said that we would be having dinner at about 6:00.  Well by the time 6:00 rolled around Good Ol’ Uncle Keith had already pounded 3 or 4 beers.  It became apparent to me that we weren’t going to be eating on schedule so Keith kept pounding back beers ( I did my best to keep up with him, but in actual fact I was hungry but didn’t want to make any mention of it). 

Well we finally got to eat at 10:30, that was after Good Ol’ Uncle Keith pounded back about 12 beers.  He was plastered.  Dinner was great but it took a back seat to Uncle Keith getting out the guitar and playing some drunken tunes.  I didn’t know there were so many uses for the F word in the Bluegrass music he played.  We were very grateful however that we were able to eat and sleep somewhere that didn’t have a Comfort Inn sign hanging on the wall, so thanks to the Duke’s Uncle Keith. 

The next few nights we stayed with members of my family. They were a little less exciting, but we were appreciative nonetheless.  Last night we went out in Fredericton.  It was Duke’s birthday so he hit the town hard (I took it a little more easy them him, but again the local economy is doing much better now that we have visited).  Again his dance moves were either too advanced New Brunswick pace of life or they were so X rated people were afraid.  In actuality Duke looked like National Geographic special on Tribal dances, maybe that’s why we have run into so much bad weather.  We went to a couple of local watering holes and we had a good time (most notably Duke had a good time but I’ll let him tell people at his own discretion). 

Today is a day of rest and tomorrow we are off to the good ol’province of Poutine and 3 O’clock last call at the bars.  Well I hope all is well with everyone wherever you may be.  I want to give a special shout out to Big John MacDonald (aka the Prime Minister of Defence) for being drafted 7th overall by the Hamilton Tiger Cats in the recent CFL draft.  Way to go big fella.  Apparently I was overlooked again in the draft, my agent believes i’m being discriminated against because of my success as a hair. Nonetheless congrats John.  Also to all those who will be at the closing of the DSJ have a good time and try not to get arrested.  Wish I could partake in some of the shenanigans. 

Take care Goonz, until next time. 
Yours always,
President and CEO of Arsenault INC.
Ryan Arsenault

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2nd Egg Tour Email


Fri, 19 Apr 2002

 Hello to all,
The Magnificent Egg tour rolls on.  We are in Darthmouth, Nova Scotia tonight preparing for our appearance on Breakfast Television tommorow morning.  I’ve been practicing my egg facts in the mirror all day and hope to have a breakout performance.  We had a couple of events today.  One was at the MICMAC mall.  We were hit with freezing rain today so we managed to fit the inflatable egg inside the mall and have a great event.  The best part is that we actually saw a female with more than seven teeth.  I for one was impressed with that.  Duke on the other hand asked for hernumber.  There’s no coverage of the Leafs game here and it is very frustrating watching the Habs play.  After our appearance on BT tommorow morning we are heading to Prince Edward Island.  I’m looking forward to peeling a few potatoes and downing a few barleys.  Duke and I haven’t
really hit the night life too much on the trek, so I’m looking forward to what PEI has to offer.  I’m sure it has to be better than Newfoundland or
aka NO FUN LAND.  The other day we were in Halifax in the Grand Parade Square.  We had the inflatable egg blown up in the middle of this outside square.  This weirdo Nova Scotian (are there any other kinds?) came up to the egg and started doing some kind of funky dance, almost as if he was fighting it.  It was as though he was dancing to the Carl Douglass’ Kung Fu Fighting song, it was quite funny.  I wish I had it on tape. I’m starting to feel like a Carnie or a professional wrestler.  We are in a new town everyday and I often forget what day it is.  Well I’m off to sleep,  I’ll keep you updated when our tour is in an area near you.

President and CEO of Arsenault INC.
Ryan Arsenault

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The Egg Tour


The year was 2002.  With the help of my compadre Geoff Wall, I set out on a national tour to spread the word on the wonders of eggs for the Egg Marketing Board of Canada.

The trip was long and arduous as Geoff and I faced many challenges.  I documented many of our days on the Egg tour via email under the guise of “FROM THE MOBILE OFFICES“.  Here is the first of many emails that I sent home during the trip.

Hello all,
The excellent egg adventure has hit Nova Scotia.  Duke and I just got off a seven hour ferry ride from Port Au Basque, Newfoundland.  We are currently situated in Sydney and will be here for two days.  The trip has been a real eye opener so far.  Newfoundland was definitely a different experience.  I couldn’t understand a thing anyone said to me the whole time we were there.  A typical conversation went a little something like this: Typical NEWFIE” You dem dere boys goin to dem dere junos eh buddy?” then my typical response was “HUH????”  The language barrier notwithstanding there wasn’t much to do in Newfoundland, so we pretty much spent our time in our hotel rooms longing for some kind of coverage of our beloved blue jays.  We did get out long enough to visit a Don Cherry’s restaurant, however it seems as though i contacted a bad case of food poisoning and I have been ill for a few days.  Driving in Newfoundland was great, I don’t think we saw 20 cars on the Trans Canada Highway the whole time we were on it.  As for the events we ran they were moderately successful.  The 20 foot inflatable egg drew oohs and ahhs from most Newfoundler’s (or at least that’s what I think they were saying) and Geoff and I were at our charming best.  One elderly lady even went as far as saying that I looked like Prince Andrew, she became an instant favorite with me after that comment.  Subsequently Geoff has coined me with the moniker of PRINCE for the rest of the trip.  Well I should really get some sleep as I didn’t get any last night on the Ferry ride.  If anyone needs to contact me they can call a toll free number 1 888 881 3088 and leave me a voice mail at ext 4271.  I have to check my messages three times a day so
that would be your best bet to reach me.  Also I’m on MSN messenger quite frequently.  Well I’m off, take care everyone and i’ll stay in touch.
President and CEO of Arsenault INC.
Ryan Arsenault 

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