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In the mind of Kevin Durant it would appear that the handle “The Rupaul of the NBA” still applies when it comes to describing Chris Bosh and his physical (or lack there of) play.

I was talking to my teammate and [Bosh] decided he wanted to put his two cents into it. I am quiet guy, laid back guy, but I’m not going to let nobody talk trash to me. He’s on a good team now so he thinks he can talk a little bit. There are a lot of fake tough guys in this league and he’s one of them.

I’ve long been a fan of Kevin Durant’s game on and off the court but with these words my appreciation for him has skyrocketed.  It wasn’t that long ago that Shaquille O’Neal dubbed Chris Bosh “The Rupaul Of Big Men” for his lack of toughness on defence during his time with the Toronto Raptors.  I’m not sure what has changed with his relocation to Miami but Bosh surely can’t consider himself a tough guy in the NBA. So I applaud Durant’s “fake tough guy” claim.

Anytime Chris Bosh wants to think that he’s the next coming of Charles Oakley he should immediately flash himself back to the moment when Antawn Jamison’s elbow connected with his beak.  That elbow should remind Bosh to stay 18 feet away from the net and just hand the ball off to D Wade and Lebron.


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Phil Kessel of the Leafs awaits last call at the NHL all-star fantasy draft on Friday night.

As I was sifting through some of the online scribes that I enjoy reading, I came across a good article by Damian Cox of the Toronto Star.  The article is about Phil Kessel being the last pick of the NHL Fantasy Draft.  Since Mr. Cox is much more of accomplished writer than I, please take the time to peruse his article. 

Let’s face it, if Paul Stastny had gone last instead of second-last, there would have been a couple of chuckles and a note at the bottom of a few stories.  But it was Kessel, and so, across Canada at least, there were screaming headlines — no, gleefully screaming headlines.

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Tracy Morgan is one funny dude.  Point, period and end of story.  The fact that I believe Morgan is legitamately crazy makes his live television appearances gold waiting to happen.  Case in point his appearance on TNT’s basketball coverage at Madison Square Garden the other night prior to the Heat and Knicks game.

 You can’t rehearse that type of reaction from Ernie, Kenny and Charles.  My favourite part of the whole clip is watching Morgan stare at Ernie Johnson waiting for some kind of approval.  I’ve seen the clip several times and after watching it again it nearly made coffee come out of my nose.  Well done and kudos to Tracy Morgan.

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I’ve been relatively silent for the past month.  Making Charles Oakley laugh via Twitter was obviously enough for me to lean back and hang my hat up for a month, but it’s time to float some of my random musings out again.  This could be seen a nuisance for some (let’s not lie….a nuisance for most) but I read something this morning that made me laugh so I thought I would share it with you.

The following is a quote from the ever quotable Jason Whitlock

The Big Three free-agent decision is the equivalent of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Bristol Palin agreeing to film a porno. Check that. I’d support that project wholeheartedly and would sit through several one-hour, Jim Gray-hosted infomercials about how the deal came together. Fox Sports

Thanks Mr. Whitlock that type of visual imagery made my day. Oh yeah…the rest of the article is bang on to.

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Due to some scheduling conflicts (being a dad of 2 little dudes doesn’t leave too much time for appointment television) the First Lady and I weren’t able to watch the Prime Time Emmy Awards live on Sunday evening.  However due to the little invention that could (PVR you have a special place in my heart) I was able to see this gem by Ricky Gervais a night later.  Live or on tape delay this is just classic.

I hope it’s Bucky Gunts, ’cause I didn’t know you could say that on television. Let’s face it – we’re all Bucky Gunts here.

Shortly thereafter, Gunts took to the stage in victory.  Admit it though you giggled when Gervais said “BUCKY GUNTS” didn’t you?  It’s okay to say you did because we are all a little Bucky Gunts aren’t we?

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Sir Charles Barkley is one of the most outspoken sports personality’s in North America.  I don’t always agree with his words or actions but in this instance I find it tough not to like Sir Charles after this particular rant on Lebron James and “THE DECISION”.  Here are some of his finer points. 

I heard about LeBron’s little tweet that he’s remembering everybody who said anything bad about him. He said “everybody.” Well I want him to make sure that he puts my name on that because I thought that was a little…you know his little one-hour special was a punk move.

I thought them dancing around on the stage was a punk move, and I thought he should’ve stayed in Cleveland. Him joining Dwyane Wade’s team was very disappointing to me. 

He got enough people kissing his ass with his family and all the people who work for him. We don’t have to tell him what he want to hear all the time. That’s one of the reasons I – you know, some of these young guys – my opinion is he should have stayed in Cleveland.

That one-hour special, them jumping around on stage like punks, that ain’t…that wasn’t cool to me.He knows where I’ll be, I don’t run.

I’m on TV every week. I’m easy to find.

I can’t find fault in anything that Barkley has stated in his above rant.  I thoroughly enjoy that Sir Charles will give you his honest take on this subject and not hide behind his TNT basketball rights contract.  This is yet another reason if given the opportunity I’d save a bar stool for the round mound of rebound (another reason I’d do this though would be because his girth would surely make me look like I’ve been working out).  Well done Charles.

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In an interview with the New York Times resident NBA third wheel Chris Bosh tries to explain how he treated the fine folks of Toronto during his summer time dalliance with free agency.

So it’s like, well, in my case, I’m going to have fun with it. I’m going to play with people’s emotions. I’m going to be high and low.”

If Toronto Raptors fans were put off by the way that former All-Star (and current All-Douche bag)  Chris Bosh played with their emotions this summer, apparently that was his intent.  I feel the need to state my position again that I have no problem with Bosh leaving Toronto for greener pastures, but I still feel that he could’ve gone about it in a much classier way.  Instead this man continues to put the ass in class which seems to be appropriate I guess since he’s the ass end of the three man donkey suit known as the Miami Heat.

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