During his playing career Roy Halladay was known for his pitching prowess and not his personality. Halladay was all business on the mound and his work ethic in the gym in preparation was legendary according to some.

However it would appear that retired Roy Halladay has plenty of personality to offer and today he took a not so gentle jab at Alex Rodriguez via Twitter.

This is on the heels of his awesome picture he took while at an amusement park earlier this winter.  

Methinks that Halladay’s barb is just the beginning of what is coming Alex Rodriguez’s way this season.




I’m retiring.

I heard someone once say there comes a day when they tell us all that we can’t play anymore. We’re not good enough. Surplus to requirements. Too slow, maybe. When you’re a teenager with outsized dreams and a growing obsession, and someone tells you this ain’t gonna last forever, it’s scary. I never forgot it.

Steve Nash is retiring from basketball.  He penned a letter to announce his decision via The Players Tribune (found here).

Nash is a Canadian Icon on and off the basketball court.  IHis play on the court has inspired many young Canadian basketball players to imagine the possibilities of a Canadian excelling on the largest basketball stage, the NBA. Nash won consecutive NBA MVP awards and was most likely a sham bench call from competing for a NBA title.

Nash is now in charge as general manager of Canada Basketball and his vision and diplomacy will lead a new generation of Canadian basketball stars onto the world stage.  If you haven’t read his letter please find a few minutes to do so. It’s well worth the time.




ron hunter

I hope you make better decisions in your presidency than picking against Georgia State.

This is Coach Ron Hunter of the Georgia State Panthers to President Barack Obama (YES the Barack Obama, THE president of the United States) after the Panthers knocked off Baylor in today’s opening round of the NCAA tourney (I refuse to call it the second round as it is still the first game for 62 other teams.  I’m sure I’ll feel some scorn from the First Lady of Sports Administration but I have to have some principles, right?)

Coach Hunter was referring to President Obama’s NCAA Bracket in which the President picked Baylor to defeat Hunter’s Georgia State.


Coach Hunter is quickly becoming a media darling during this NCAA tourney run.  He blew out his achilles tendon while celebrating Georgia State’s entry to the big dance.  Not to be outdone by this unfortunate event Coach Hunter fell off his stool (where he has to sit to coach due to the achilles injury) after his son hit a game winning 3 to knock off the heavily favoured (a bracket busting) Baylor Bears.

In a Chris Farley way Coach Hunter has me hooked to see what he will do next.



It’s St. Patricks Day my friends and the green libations are most likely flowing somewhere around you as I type (little known blogging fact….I’m banking on you having too many libations it tends to make my writing and for that matter me a bit more palatable). 

Since I’m on Daddy Daycare duty with the Association and the Merger (they are mesmerized watching Air Bud right now) I thought I would try to commemorate this fine day by listing  some of my favourite folk named Patrick. So while you’re out at your local watering hole tipping back some room temperature Guinness or another tumbler of Jameson’s take a moment to pay tribute to these fellas.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day my friends.  Enjoy (responsibly) the sociables this morning, afternoon and evening.  Cheers!!

Patrick Ewing

Patrick Ewing’s game speaks for itself. There were many a day where I was pretending to be him in my basement with my Nerf basketball set. Unfortunately the only similarity in our games was our penchant for sweating and not winning a title. It should also be noted that my man Stig has already paid homage to Ewing today so this one goes out to you Stig.


Sir Paddy McSweenz

Heck of an Irishman this guy is. He is also responsible for 74 percent of the alcohol in my humble abode. Paddy’s athletic exploits are numerous and my amateur writing would never be able to do him justice.  However I would be in the wrong if I didn’t mention his ability to drive the basket with reckless abandon and his feathery touch from behind the arc (not to mention his innate ability to blind his defender with his pasty white skin)

Patrick Swayze (As Derek Sutton from Youngblood)


How can you make a list of Patrick’s and leave Swayze off of it. Derek Sutton was my 2nd favourite Swayze character behind Dalton from Roadhouse.

EDITORS NOTE and UPDATE:  As per usual I’m a little lean on content with my list.  As I was perusing the wonderful folks at SI.COM I came across a more comprehensive list of PATRICKS.  Unfortunately they differ from my TOP 3.  Someday Sir Paddy McSweenz will get his due.   Enjoy it nonetheless CLICK HERE



It’s Charles Oakley bobblehead night as the Toronto Raptors host the Miami Heat and continue to fete their 20th anniversary.  In a past life I used to cherish the way Charles Oakley played the game of basketball and in an awkward twist of fate I used to collect bobbleheads, so naturally this evening is of a certain significance (don’t forget that it’s also the start of March Break and I’m sipping back copious amounts of some tasty scotch…goodtimes indeed)

Watching Oakley play was a pure joy for me.  He was that natural enforcer on the court.  A regular don’t mess with me or my mates kind of guy.  When he was traded to the Raptors for a soft player like Marcus Camby I was ecstatic as the Raptors desperately needed the leadership and toughness he supplied.

Off the court Charles Oakley seems to be an honest and states things as a matter of fact.  This type of style often leads to  a fantastic quote.  Case in point before today’s game he was asked what his thoughts were about the idea of having a bobblehead in his honour.  In classic Oakley fashion he offered this well timed gem.

Well I had a head so you never know what could happen.


The Atlanta Hawks have just commemorated their finest player in franchise history Dominique Wilkins with a statue.  This is a great honour for Wilkins who is no doubt an icon in Atlanta and one of the 50 finest basketball players ever to lace up a pair of sneakers.

During his time on the court however Wilkins and his Atlanta Hawks mates were stymied by the likes of Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics and Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls.  As many will attest as good as Larry “Legend” Bird was on the court he was perhaps even better with his trash talk and quick wit.

When Larry Legend was informed about Wilkins and the statue he replied with this gem

I’m pretty sure it’s not made in a defensive stance.

I think this quote only cements Larry’s legendary status as a trash talker.  Insert Slow Clap…….

Go Pro With Allison Stokke


It’s been quite sometime since I’ve posted anything in regards to internet sensation Allison Stokke and as a result I’ve neglected and have done a disservice to my adopted favourite sport of Pole Vaulting.  I would like to remedy this situation as I know one of my loyal readers (who hails from North East, Pennsylvania) relies on me to be his hub for all of his Pole Vaulting news.

As an offer of peace I would like to extend an olive branch and submit Allison Stokke’s new commercial for GO PRO for your perusal.

(Sorry King and you are welcome)