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The Atlanta Hawks have just commemorated their finest player in franchise history Dominique Wilkins with a statue.  This is a great honour for Wilkins who is no doubt an icon in Atlanta and one of the 50 finest basketball players ever to lace up a pair of sneakers.

During his time on the court however Wilkins and his Atlanta Hawks mates were stymied by the likes of Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics and Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls.  As many will attest as good as Larry “Legend” Bird was on the court he was perhaps even better with his trash talk and quick wit.

When Larry Legend was informed about Wilkins and the statue he replied with this gem

I’m pretty sure it’s not made in a defensive stance.

I think this quote only cements Larry’s legendary status as a trash talker.  Insert Slow Clap…….

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This picture is quite simply fantastic! At an Atlanta Hawks game the other night a Hawks cheerleader was handing out free candy courtside (which in itself is enough to excite a child, no?) and the sight of a cheerleader up close in an outfit that small was just too much for this young fan to handle.

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