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(EDITOR’S NOTE: I’m a few days late on this story but I have a personal connection to it so I feel I need to post about it.)  

The Oklahoma City Thunder came away with an impressive 127-121 win over the Golden State Warriors last Friday night thanks to Kevin Durant’s (then) career-high 54 points.  Thunder power forward Nick Collison, however, would also like some credit.

While Durant made 19 of his 28 shots from the field, Collison drained 3 free throws.

This quote made me laugh because I can remember using the same material long before the twitter age.   (more…)

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There is nothing finer in these dog days of summer while meaningless baseball is being played, NCAA football is on the horizon and the NFL is still playing 4th stringers than getting down and breaking down some WNBA game tape, right?

While breaking down the tape I came across this fantastic sequence.  Los Angeles’s Candace Parker was so freaking excited over this completed layup Sunday night, she accidentally headbutted Nneka Ogwumike while going to celebrate. Blood oozing everywhere.  WNBA action at it’s best.


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In a past life I was somebody that could often be found playing pickup basketball against his pals on many courts located in Port Dover, Ontario (truthfully that should be written as court as Port Dover didn’t have many so the Public School was the only choice on many occasions).

I loved playing pick-up ball against my pals Ludgie, Turk, Duke, Dano, King, Bon Bon and the Kernel. There was nothing better than using my Charles Barkley like frame (minus the 6-4 height, but the weight was on point) to back the Duke down and pour point after point in only to see him have a melt down and throw the ball against the wall in disgust (don’t lie Dukie this happened and happened again chez Operation Omelette).

It’s unfortunate that the Public School courts have been replaced with homes and it’s even more unfortunate that as a group me and my buddies never seem to think about organizing a random game sometime.  I’m as guilty as any of the group but today I came across a video that made me think IT’S TIME TO GET BACK on the court.  Check it out and if any of my pals read this please tell me which player you think you are.  Enjoy mes amis!!

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Taylor University is a  small liberal arts college in Indiana (home of Larry Legend and Woody Boyd for those not in the know).  It has an incredibly cool tradition every year on the Friday before their finals begin. On “Silent Night” Taylor students pack their gym, but don’t make a noise until the home team scores their 10th point of the game. Students wear increasingly weird outfits and the evening ends with the gym swaying, arm-in-arm, signing Silent Night.

Seeing this I do believe that I’ll add this to a long list of potential sport odysseys that I would like to partake in.  Paddy McSweeney are you in?  Fire up the van.

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