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One would think I would automatically qualify for such a list.  Amazingly enough my personal request for freshly cut up oranges, warm towels and sparkling Perrier water in my bottle during my Sunday morning hockey game aren’t enough to get me on this list.  Does this mean my request are acceptable?

In any event To see who did make the list click here.   

What are your thoughts?  Did these fine folks miss someone?  Over step on others?  Your feedback is always appreciated and your comments (although edited to make it appear you agree and like me) are always posted.

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I need to start this post off with a simple THANK YOU to all of those who took the time to vote for this little blog that shouldn’t.  With all of your help STRAIGHT FROM THE ARSE has now moved on to the final round in the Canadian Blog Awards.  Again I can’t reiterate it enough but the fact that I was nominated was a victory in itself. 

If this blog is going to win anything it’s probably an award for a lack of creativity and most definitely for poor sentence structure and lack of any of the conventions of writing (my apologies to the wonderful teachers I’ve had in the past. It’s not you and your tutelage) Let’s face it I’ve probably made more grammar mistakes this week than any of the other blogs left in the running.  

However in saying  all of this remember that democracy is a wonderful thing and we are left to vote for anybody we choose.  So why not vote for me?  CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR STRAIGHT FROM THE ARSE FOR BEST SPORTS BLOG

You have until December 1st to cast your ballot.  Thanks in advance for you pity votes.

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