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The Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral video phenomenon  that’s creating awareness for research into ALS a.k.a. Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  Paul Bissonnette aka BizNasty was recently challenged by one of his teammates Keith Yandle.

Naturally in typical BizNasty like fashion he produced a Michael Bay type of video.  Better yet he ice bucket challenged Lebron James, Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers.  (No word on whether they have accepted yet)

BizNasty has become a constant target for chirps on twitter and other social media mediums. This social backlash was at it’s best yesterday after he posted his challenge.  It boggles me how someone can do something good like raise awareness and money for this cause but yet be called out as self-serving.  I for one enjoy his fun loving attitude about things and applaud his efforts.

Well done BizNasty…well done.



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