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It would appear that Rex Ryan is on the verge of being introduced as the next Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills.  As a Bills fan this is like young little Charlie Bucket finding Willy Wonka’s golden ticket (I’m in the middle of reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to the Association thus the reference).

I’m extremely happy with this hire.  The Bills have rarely been relevant since there Super Bowl sombrero so having a bombastic personality in town like Rex Ryan will be good fodder for the local and national scribes and a breath of fresh air compared to the visor wearing sour puss Doug Marrone. (He of the 9-7 record and John Farrell like loyalty)

I’m not predicting a Super Bowl title because let’s not forget that they are still the Buffalo Bills, but there’s no question that the Bills will be a heck of a lot more interesting and in the end there’s nothing wrong with that.

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The NFL season is almost here and the Buffalo Bills season is already on the brink already.  Quarterback seems to be the biggest concern (although if I was the Bills I would be weary of my fandom since the teams I support stink) and injuries to EJ Manuel and Kevin Kolb have undrafted Jeff Tuel sporting the title of QB1 as of right now.  This can’t be good friends, can it?

Thankfully for you don’t have to read my silly and incoherent ramblings since a much more reputable source in DEADSPIN has provided you with a detailed analysis of why the bills will suck in 2013.  Please have a gander here to enlighten yourself.


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The dog days of summer are here.  The Blue Jays are floundering, The Raptors are a few weeks away from assembling their middling team, The Bills are already training to be mediocre at Training camp and The TFC (home game winner aside) are well The TFC.  So now would be the perfect time to pass on some great reading about Canada’s (and possibly basketball’s next great thing) Andrew Wiggins.

I just finished reading an interesting piece on Wiggins on the Bleacher Report by Jonathan Wasserman and as per my usual policy I’ll gladly pass you down the internet highway to someone much more knowledgeable, more capable, more connected than I.  So click on this link and give it a read.

As for my uneducated eye I can see no reason that Wiggins isn’t worth the hype that surrounds him.  It’s likely that he will run wild at Kansas this year and be Canada’s second straight first overall selection in the NBA.

If this is the case Canada Basketball is living in it’s own golden age now with the young talent that is soon to be available to them.  Andrew Wiggins, Tristan Thompson, Anthony Bennett, Andrew Nicholson, Kevin Pangos, Kelly Olynyk to name a few.  Exciting times are ahead indeed.  This should be fun to watch.

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