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The CBC is a Canadian crown corporation that serves as the national public radio and television broadcaster.  With that model the CBC.ca would be the crown corporation’s home for web content (i’m making some loose word play make sense in my mind, working for you?)

A section within the CBC.ca website is that of Canada Writes. This section is hailed as “Canada’s home for original writing of all kinds, including the CBC Literary Prizes“.   I would assume that all of these entities (radio, television and web) are in fact funded by the Canadian tax payers.

With that (sound) logic, I would suspect that some tax paying lobbyist might want to get to the bottom of the CBC’s Canada Writes series for their most recent feature.   Perhaps not a good use of the fine tax payers money, non?

All kidding a side I would like to thank Jennifer Warrren and Emily Murphy of cbc.ca/canadawrites for taking the time to waste some time with me.  I hope your website doesn’t suffer from my mug being present on it.  Truth be told it’s a pretty cool experience to have my thoughts and mediocre musings be present on such a platform.


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