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Have you ever heard the old adage “some guys have all the luck”?  In relation to me and my blog this old adage is blatantly true.  I mean how else could one explain STRAIGHT FROM THE ARSE being awarded as Best Sports Blog for the second year in a row from the fine folks at the Canadian Blog Awards?

Canadian Blog Awards 2013

I humbly must thank all 8 of my loyal readers for their votes and those of you that simply grin at the sight of my many grammar errors. You all are very kind.  Thank you all very much.

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Canadian mogul skiers Justine and Chloe Dufour-Lapointe won Gold and Silver medals on Saturday night.  A pretty impressive feat to say the least for a family members to take the top 2 places on an Olympic podium

To put it into perspective that would be the equivalent of either one my wonderful sisters being nominated for a Canadian Blog award and us finishing 1 and 2.


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