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Justin Bieber isn’t someone you will find me discussing on this blog very often. (or ever…however I do tend to hear from many of his Beliebers during my workday and at times I’m forced to step up my Bieber game #elementaryschoolproblems)  Truth be told I’ve never really understood his celebrity status.  His ascension to superstardom has escaped my small mind and has rendered me very un-hip to my students.  C’est la vie I suppose, however today I will make an exception as Justin Bieber takes center stage with a sports angle.  

Last night during the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Dallas Star game  a picture of Justin Bieber was posted on the video scoreboard.  Bieber has recently been in the news as he public life is spiraling out of control (that is what TMZ is reporting so it’s got to be true, right?)  Bieber is also a known Maple Leafs supporter so the Stars took a shot Toronto and it’s fans with the posting of his mugshot from his recent arrest.  Brilliant!  Comedic genius I say! Solid work by the Dallas Stars and their game ops.  

I do hope that back at the comfy confines of the ACC in Toronto that their game ops staff use the old adage that I learned in university (as told to me by a former roommate.  He was a defensive end and was being handed his lunch by the opposing offensive lineman that day)  

don’t get bitter…………….get better!



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