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David Clarkson and Wendel Clark.  What else do I need to break my silence on all things concerning my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.  I’ve made myself a healthy scratch for the better part of a year when it comes to commenting on most things concerning the Leafs.  I’d like to announce that it was a noble attempt and political stance based on last season’s lockout but that would be an outright lie.

Apathy is the culprit here my friends.  I’ve recounted many times in my last few posts that I’ve become so busy with family stuff and work stuff (yes I do that from time to time) that I can honestly say that I had zero interest and energy to address the issues concerning the club.  This past season for the Leafs was a successful one compared to the past 8 so I can’t be all that depressed about their future prospects.  A game 7 collapse to the Boston Bruins wasn’t exactly a good way to exit the playoffs but it at least gave fodder for those non-Leaf fans (and some closet Leaf fans) to chat about.

This offseason the Leafs have fired up the minds and tongues of many by awarding forward David Clarkson a 7 year contract.  I can’t turn on the radio, look at the TV or be on any form of social media without hearing how the Leafs overpaid for the power forward.  This may be true, but why should anyone care?  Face it if the Leafs didn’t pony up for Clarkson the masses would’ve complained that they aren’t committed to winning.  It’s really a lose/lose situation (much like Rosie Perez said about the Stooky Bros in WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP).

I have no doubt that 7 years of David Clarkson is going to be much more fruitful for the Blue and White than having such luminaries like Marcel Mueller, Christian Hanson or Luca Caputi patrol the wing.

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