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Steve Yzerman and the rest of Hockey Canada’s brain trust announced it’s roster for the 2014 Sochi games today.  The naming of this team has been on the minds of many Canadians for months.  The pre-naming shows, the over analysis, the projections and the mock “MY TEAM CANADA has..” lists that many created have been front and center in the minds of most Canadian hockey fans across the nation.

Today Steve Yzerman stood at the podium to announce the 25 players selected to represent Canada.  I watched anxiously along with my class on live stream from TSN.ca each and every pick.  The class cheered for the GTA selections of P.K Subban, John Tavares. Steve Stamkos and Rick Nash (several text messages from the DUKE would drown out the cheering for this selection).  Finally the last pick was called and to my surprise………………I was left off the list.   Overlooked again.

To my knowledge you don’t have to be currently be playing in the NHL to be considered for the squad.  So I thought there was  chance that Yzerman might dial me up early this morning and tell me to pack my bags for Sochi.  In my mind this wasn’t out of the realm of possiblity as I’ve been sniping it up in my local Sunday morning shinny league this season.  My skill set would be something that most teams wouldn’t have.   I’m doubtful that the Scandinavian countries would have a stout grinder of my size on their squad that could compliment and ride shot gun on Sidney Crosby’s line. unfortunately Yzerman stayed the course and didn’t think out of the box and it would appear that I won’t be heading to Sochi. The First Lady, the Association and the Merger will be crushed.  Perhaps I’ll call Martin St. Louis , Joe Thornton and Claude Giroux (some other notable snubs) so we can get together to watch the games in disgust together.

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