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Today during the Jays and Yanks game Jays 3rd baseman Josh Donaldson got into a verbal sparring match with his manager John Gibbons.  The Bringer of Rain can do no wrong these days and unlike Shae Hilledrand or Ted Lily in years past, Donaldson decided to take the comedic route to douse any controversy on his relationship with his manager.

Now I’ve never been lucky enough to be in or around a major league baseball dugout or locker room but in my hacker experience in the Southern County league of Norfolk these types of disagreements were common place.

I can recall that one time I came back to the dugout in similar fashion to Donaldson (not the MVP caliber ball player type but more less the type that just struck out) I gave my coach (who happened to be my dad…love you Ricco) a piece of my mind when he offered me advice (in my defence I believe the advice was “HIT THE DAMN BALL WOULD YA?”  My dad didn’t take kindly to my antics or my colourful language and I found myself looking for another ride home from the park that night.

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