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I was watching the morning highlights with my young sons (The Association and The Merger) the other morning when I came across DeJuan Blair destroying Brian Roberts on a massive screen.  Blair’s screen immediately floored me (weak pun intended) with memories of the hard-nosed brand of basketball that my friends and I played in the McMaster “C” division intramurals “circa the year 2000”.

Our intramural squad was a uniquely talented group of doormen from the campus pub where we all worked. The pub was aptly named The Downstairs John (due to its placement in the basement of Wentworth house and for the smells that emanated from it).  As doormen of the DSJ we called ourselves “GOONS” due to the gentle nature in which we would escort patrons from the premises when problems would occur.

On the basketball court we played the game with the same vigour as we approached our jobs as “GOONS”.  Thus as the sight a  DeJuan Blair like screen or a Bill Laimbeer elbow was commonplace anytime the “GOONS” were on the court.  Whether we were playing such intramural all-stars like SOCS McDonald Or Mutt 69 the “GOONS” made sure that anyone that stepped on the court knew who they were playing.

We often reminded the other squads that we were allowed to foul them 5 times each and that we carried 12 men on the roster.  If that wasn’t enough to entice them not to put the ball in the hoop we would then remind them that we controlled whether we they got into the pub that night (or any night for that matter).  I suspect the latter reason is the reason we were able to garner that FINALIST ribbon instead of the participant ribbon we most assuredly deserved.

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I’m a creature of habit thus I don’t usually start to pay attention to the baseball offseason until the general manager winter meetings (which take place starting monday).  However this year The Toronto Blue Jays and their general manager Alex Anthopavowels (I realize that I’m not that clever but I almost always make a mistake in spelling this long greek last name so this turns out to be easier) turned the MLB on it’s ear with a roster shaking 12 player trade with the Miami Marlins (thanks again Mr. Jeffrey Loria).

The trade has all the earmarks of being a franchise changer for the Blue Jays.  They have instantly gained some credibility with the acquisitions of Mark Buerhle, Josh Johnson, Jose Reyes, Emilio Bonafaccio and to a lesser extent John Buck (sorry Mr. and Mrs. Buck don’t hold it against me).  The pieces are starting to fall into place to make Toronto relevant again in the AL east and hopefully throughout MLB.

As a Blue Jays fan it’s hard not to be thrilled with the stealth like nature that Anthopolous carries out his business.  Little known fact my friendsis that Alex Anthopolous stayed in the same residence as I did ( also along for the ride was my roomate the Somalier to the stars @alcohol_ist if you don’t already follow this silver fox on twitter you should) at McMaster.  As stealth as he is I doubt that Anthopolous was a stealth as @alcohol_ist and I were in accepting panzerotti orders at the front door of Hedden Hall that were clearly not ours (“Mr. Pizza Pizza delivery guy are you claiming that we aren’t Abbas Mohammed and Manvince Nanda?”).

As is my policy I always err to the side of the more talented when it comes to writing so instead of continuing to read my rambling thoughts I think you should read the Toronto Star’s Brendan Kennedy’s account of the Blue Jays general manager.    It’s a far better read. Enjoy!

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