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This post might be a tad late and a dollar short but what the heck, MERRY CHRISTMAS my friends!!  I have lots to be thankful for as I live a very charmed life.  I have a wonderful family and fantastic friends and during this festive season I will be to be surrounded by them or more than one occasion  EDITORS NOTE: (I’m sure some of these folks will hope that it’ merely one occasion that is supervised  so my childish antics are held in check. Shameful, but true).

What would a Christmas post be without this fantastic family video.  Be well and Be Merry my friends.





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I’d like to take this time to wish all of those of you that have accidentally stumbled upon this site of mediocre musings a very Merry Christmas.  I trust that you all have been relatively good enough to manage to make it on to the right side of Santa’s list.  As per I think I’ve managed to pay it forward just enough to equal out the ledger.  I am a truly lucky fella to have the wonderful support of the First Lady, the Association and the Merger (who are tucked quietly into their beds awaiting the arrival of St. Nick as I type and tip back one last festive libation).  The three of them make Christmas morning a very delightful experience.

Here’s hoping that you all have a fantastic Christmas day!! Be well, be merry and be amongst friends and family.

MERRY CHRISTMAS my friends!!!

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