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It’s Charles Oakley bobblehead night as the Toronto Raptors host the Miami Heat and continue to fete their 20th anniversary.  In a past life I used to cherish the way Charles Oakley played the game of basketball and in an awkward twist of fate I used to collect bobbleheads, so naturally this evening is of a certain significance (don’t forget that it’s also the start of March Break and I’m sipping back copious amounts of some tasty scotch…goodtimes indeed)

Watching Oakley play was a pure joy for me.  He was that natural enforcer on the court.  A regular don’t mess with me or my mates kind of guy.  When he was traded to the Raptors for a soft player like Marcus Camby I was ecstatic as the Raptors desperately needed the leadership and toughness he supplied.

Off the court Charles Oakley seems to be an honest and states things as a matter of fact.  This type of style often leads to  a fantastic quote.  Case in point before today’s game he was asked what his thoughts were about the idea of having a bobblehead in his honour.  In classic Oakley fashion he offered this well timed gem.

Well I had a head so you never know what could happen.

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Michelle Obama Posterizes Dwyane Wade, Then Mean Mugs

Let’s set the record straight. I’m not a fan of anything that involves the Miami Heat.  They (as a team and set of individuals) don’t resonate well with me (probably has something to do with the fact that they are actually successful. Someone like myself isn’t used to dealing with anything that resembles success.)

However on this day I have to relent on my disdain for the NBA champs.  Today I say kudos to them for partnering up with the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama to produce a video that promotes healthy eating. Watching the First Lady dunk on Dwyane Wade and mugging it up for the camera is fantastic and quite frankly one of the best basketball highlights I’ve seen in sometime.

Well do

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