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Today during the Jays and Yanks game Jays 3rd baseman Josh Donaldson got into a verbal sparring match with his manager John Gibbons.  The Bringer of Rain can do no wrong these days and unlike Shae Hilledrand or Ted Lily in years past, Donaldson decided to take the comedic route to douse any controversy on his relationship with his manager.

Now I’ve never been lucky enough to be in or around a major league baseball dugout or locker room but in my hacker experience in the Southern County league of Norfolk these types of disagreements were common place.

I can recall that one time I came back to the dugout in similar fashion to Donaldson (not the MVP caliber ball player type but more less the type that just struck out) I gave my coach (who happened to be my dad…love you Ricco) a piece of my mind when he offered me advice (in my defence I believe the advice was “HIT THE DAMN BALL WOULD YA?”  My dad didn’t take kindly to my antics or my colourful language and I found myself looking for another ride home from the park that night.

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As I approach my 38th birthday I’ve come to the realization that I’m not getting any younger (this realization has been expedited by me getting whipped on a daily basis in mini stick hockey action vs. the Association and the Merger as well).  Using my amateur math skills I can easily compute that I’m just as close to retirement than I am to the beginning of my career so perhaps it was just good karma that I came across something today while combing the many corners of the information highway that I would like to do when I retire.

When I retire I want to attend the Toronto Blue Jays Fantasy Camp.  The total cost is $ 4600 so I might as well start saving now, but in all honesty this would be a blast for me.  This year the guest coaches are Roberto Alomar, Lloyd Moseby, George Bell and Jesse Barfield to name a few.

As for now I guess I’ll just day-dream about my chance to attend in the Fall of 2031.  I can picture it now, Me in the batters box and crowding the plate while facing guest coach and former Cy Young award winner Pat Hentgen.  I bet it will look something like this

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Oh how someone is looking down on me today. It’s opening day, I’m off  work for Easter Monday and I’m about to get horizontal on the couch with The Association, The Merger and soon to be joining us will be The First Lady of Sports Administration (she would be the motivated one of this lunch bunch as she is currently out swimming).

The fellas are jacked and for the most part are dressed in their Toronto Blue Jays gear (The Merger has used his out clause and is exercising his right to stay in his pyjamas all day).  It’s been a tough year for Toronto sports fans (a familiar refrain I know..) so this household is looking forward to seeing what the Blue Jays can bring forth this season.

The start of the MLB season has long been an exciting time for me.  My birthday falls close to the start of the season each year and growing up I would often receive ducats to Opening Day of the season or the Blue Jays home opener.  I have so many fantastic memories of my Grandmother and Mom breaking me loose from school early to in order to make the trek to Toronto to catch the game.  Dollar hot dogs and bleacher seats at the old (and demolished) Exhibition Stadium were responsible for my baseball education.  I feel fortunate to have sat out on the hard no back bench stadium seating of the Ex with the wind blowing my hat off just in time for a sea-gull to aim and take fire at my under-combed coif.  (I’m almost tearing up thinking about it right now)

Enjoy your Opening Day!!


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During his playing career Roy Halladay was known for his pitching prowess and not his personality. Halladay was all business on the mound and his work ethic in the gym in preparation was legendary according to some.

However it would appear that retired Roy Halladay has plenty of personality to offer and today he took a not so gentle jab at Alex Rodriguez via Twitter.

This is on the heels of his awesome picture he took while at an amusement park earlier this winter.  

Methinks that Halladay’s barb is just the beginning of what is coming Alex Rodriguez’s way this season.


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Last night the Colorado Rockies were giving away Troy Tulowitzki t-shirts before their game.  Unfortunately for the Rockies and some poor soul in the PR dept (which potentially in turn is the Colorado version of the First Lady) they went to the Straight From The Arse school of spelling and forgot to check the proper spelling of the Rockies’ all-star shortstop.

So instead of celebrating Troy Tulowitzki everyone celebrated Troy Tulowizki.  A free shirt is a free shirt I suppose but a major blunder non the less.  (Especially when you are giving away 15 000 of them)


Subsequently the Rockies have released the following statement:


Our sincere apologies to the fans for the misspelling of the Troy Tulowitzki King Soopers jersey that was distributed tonight.

Acknowledging that many fans came to the game for the jersey, rather than disappoint them, we decided to go ahead and hand them out.

We have made plans to reproduce the jersey and fans wishing to exchange will be able to do so at a future date (TBD) in September at Coors Field or the Rockies Dugout Stores. In addition, fans exchanging the jersey will receive a complimentary ticket to a future game in 2014 or 2015.


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I’m not a New York Yankee fan by any means.  I admire their excellence and tradition  but as a Toronto Blue Jays fan I’ve come to loathe their success at the expense of the team that I root for.

One Yankee that I cannot find fault in is the captain, Derek Jeter.  I have nothing but respect for him and this new Nike commercial is very apropos.

I too would like to tip my cap to number 2.

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The First Lady and I’s humble abode is getting some work done on it today (you guessed right if you guessed a newly constructed moat is being dredged around our compound) so Daddy Daycare is lagging around with the Association and Merger dowstairs catching up on some screen time.

Why is this relevant you say?  It isn’t really, it simply paints the unclear picture of how I’m passing the time today (rather than keeping up to date with the Busytown Mysteries that my fellas are watching).  So with this in mind I came across an interesting list of the 10 greatest athletes in Toronto sports history.

It would appear that my 7 for 7 game earlier this week i Burlington slo-pitch action wasn’t enough to get a sniff at this list so please try to hide your disappointment and give kudos to the names that actually appear on this list.  The pro sports landscape in Toronto hasn’t been that great for a long time.  The Leafs haven’t tasted alcoholic bevvy’s from the cup in some 40 years.  The Blue Jays can’t dine off the glory years any longer. The Raptors have won one playoff round in their franchise history.  The TFC is setting all kinds of standards for futility.  The only franchise that has won is their CFL team in double blue that I dare not mention since the TICAT fan in me won’t allow it.

Take a look at the names that are on the list and see what you think.  Joe Carter, Roberto Alomar, Mats Sundin, Vince Carter…… Click on this link so you can cast your own vote.  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Think others should be there?  Fill me in on your thoughts.


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Actor Ken Jeong, one of the stars of “The Hangover” movie trilogy and the Community television series on NBC, announced the Los Angeles Dodgers starting lineup Tuesday night. Jeong had a lot of fun with it by channeling his “Mr. Chow” character as he announced the players.  


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Last night Miami Marlins hurler Chad Qualls had by far the best fist pumping celly I’ve seen for quite some time (the only thing that rivals this exuberant display is watching my former fantasy football co-owner @hooks41 celebrating his one and only long ball in Burlington Men’s slo-pitch action, which truth be told is worthy for a blog post on it’s own merit).

Fist pump to front roll is no joke my friends.  Tough work and he stuck the landing.  That there is a veteran move my friends.

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Since I’ve been on a posting strike (self inflicted as previously noted) I didn’t really post my thoughts during the baseball hotstove last off season about the prospects of the Toronto Blue Jays returning to glory.  If I was a revisionist historian I could easily play the “I told ya so” card and pretend that I didn’t think they would be any good in the AL east.  Alas I’m not such a jerk (a jerk I am, but not this kind).

The Blue Jays season hasn’t unfolded as it was scripted as of yet.  Minus the 11 game winning streak, the Kawasaki phenomenon or the Steve “#RaisetheBar” Delabar all-star nomination the Jays season has a been a bust.  A glass half full guy would suggest that half the season is still there for the taking, however a realist might tell you otherwise.  Truth be told the Jays are a flawed a team.  I still think that they have the makings of a team that can compete, but I think they collectively as a squad need to rededicate the way they play the game.

My most pressing concern while watching the Jays play is how they approach their at bats.  They have far too many swing and miss type of ball players.  All or nothing can’t play in the AL East.  That’s why somebody like Kawasaki is beloved by the fans/media because of the way he grinds out his at bats.  For the Jays to a consistent threat game in game out they need to change their offensive style.  But who am I, right?

The fine folks at Grantland.com take a much more comprehensive look at the Jays and their troubles.  As per usual I suggest you take a read from a more legitimate source and a writer who most definitely hasn’t made as many grammar mistakes I have today (I’m sorry to my former editor the First Lady…end your strike would ya?)


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