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ron hunter

I hope you make better decisions in your presidency than picking against Georgia State.

This is Coach Ron Hunter of the Georgia State Panthers to President Barack Obama (YES the Barack Obama, THE president of the United States) after the Panthers knocked off Baylor in today’s opening round of the NCAA tourney (I refuse to call it the second round as it is still the first game for 62 other teams.  I’m sure I’ll feel some scorn from the First Lady of Sports Administration but I have to have some principles, right?)

Coach Hunter was referring to President Obama’s NCAA Bracket in which the President picked Baylor to defeat Hunter’s Georgia State.


Coach Hunter is quickly becoming a media darling during this NCAA tourney run.  He blew out his achilles tendon while celebrating Georgia State’s entry to the big dance.  Not to be outdone by this unfortunate event Coach Hunter fell off his stool (where he has to sit to coach due to the achilles injury) after his son hit a game winning 3 to knock off the heavily favoured (a bracket busting) Baylor Bears.

In a Chris Farley way Coach Hunter has me hooked to see what he will do next.

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As a Michigan fan posting anything about the outcome of the Outback Bowl game vs. South Carolina is slightly painful at this moment.  However I feel compelled to bring to life the best football play I might have ever seen by a defensive end.  Jadeveon Clowney of the South Carolina Gamecocks (Mr. Meiklejohn, how about dem Cocks?) destroyed the Michigan tailback and in one felled swoop palmed the football to gobble up the fumble.  Impressive to say the least.

Methinks that Mr. Clowney might be playing on Sundays in the near future.  As for the result of the game please use your navigational skills of the internet to find such information.  It pains me too much to report the result.

If GIF’s aren’t your thing (are they anybody’s?)  here’s  a look at this hit at regular speed.

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