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Overzealous hockey parents are always a tad gauche in my opinion (Note to others: Don’t become one).  Irate parents who think their little Johnny’s or little Suzie’s are going on to play in the NHL or represent their country at the Olympics have been around forever.  Losing their minds at coaches, referees, other players and at other fans these parents are often seen doing many irrational things.

I can recall seeing a few fans during my playing days who are probably pretty happy that their antics weren’t captured with the latest wave in technology (good thing the old Camcorder wasn’t rolling in the Port Dover arena, right Mom?”)  I’m pretty certain the gentleman on the following clip feels wishes his craziness happened in another era. “Way To Go Paul!” is going to live on in infamy.  Solid pro move Paul!




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Tonight is a dark night in the NHL (for most Leaf fans that is most nights but I digress) and the only stick and puck game worthy of typing about is the CHL prospects game.  This game will allow those who tune in (and the many scouts in attendance) another chance to see Connor McDavid scoot around the ice while others try their best (often in vain) to catch him.

This year’s game will also feature a defenceman named Matt Spencer of the Peterborough Petes.  I’ve been fortunate enough to play hockey with the aforementioned Spencer’s father for the past few winters. Luckily for Matt it would appear that his high hockey acumen has come from his mother, as I can routinely be seen blowing by his father off the wing every Sunday morning (would I lie?).

Other than having a friend’s son play in this game (providing yet more evidence of me getting older and older) this all in prospect format is usually much better  hockey than the high-end shinny hockey that NHL all-star game that will be played later on this weekend.  The players play with a high intensity and unlike the NHL’s version there is plenty of hitting and from time to time a dust-up or two.

Case in point the 2003 game in which Dion Phaneuf dropped the gloves with Paul “Biznasty” Bissonnette. Enjoy!



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Pittsburgh Penguins at Toronto Maple Leaf

The Toronto Maple Leafs are in the midst of their all too familiar winter slumber in the standings as they continue on their not so torrid streak of 3-13 in their last 16 games.  After firing Randy Carlyle and placing Peter Horachek in charge the Leafs have seemingly forgotten not only how to win a game, they have forgotten how to score a measly goal.  Literally, they can’t score even a single goal as they have all of 2 goals in the last 5 games.  This from a team that was the highest scoring team in the whole league not too long ago.  Puzzling to say the least for the players, coaches, management and most of all the fans of the blue and white.

Of course this recent trend (if you can call 48 years a trend) is driving all the Vito’s from Woodbridge on the Fan 590 crazy. Some fans are so worked up about the Leafs plight that they have begun to toss off their jerseys in some form of protest and show of displeasure for the product on the ice.  The Leafs are not too pleased about this, neither is the local law enforcement.  After last night’s debacle (a 4-1 loss to Carolina) 3 fans were charged with mischief for their jersey tossing efforts.

So it would appear that jersey tossing is bad but a long storied tradition of tossing hats on the ice after a player scores a hat trick is okay?  Or is it?  No need to worry I suppose for Leaf fans like myself, as it doesn’t appear that any Leaf will score a goal let alone 3 in a game to test the tossing hat theory.

Just another year in Leaf Nation. Sigh.

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Peter Horachek has been in charge of the Toronto Maple Leafs for less than a week and he is already fitting in quite nicely. Watch this footage of his strong work in the corners.



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The Toronto Maple Leafs fired their coach Randy Carlyle today.  Yet another losing swoon is upon the Leafs so it’s been decided by management that they have had enough of Carlyle and it’s time to take the team in another direction. Unfortunately as a life long Leaf fan I’ve seen the firing the coach manoeuvre many a times and to be honest the only time it’s ever really worked was when Pat Quinn was at the helm.  So I’m not holding out too much hope for the Peter Horachek/Steve Spott era.

Obviously the big wish is for someone like Mike Babcock to be available come this summer and for Babcock to want to be the next head coach of the blue and white.  Like many things concerning the Leafs there seems to be many moving parts in this plan.  So time will tell.

As for Carlyle I’m not really going to miss him.  Hired to be fired is the NHL coaching motto.  It would appear by many reports circulating today that Phil Kessel isn’t going to miss him either.  One thing I will miss is this video clip with Carlyle and Kessel.  An utter classic that I can watch over and over again.

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The Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral video phenomenon  that’s creating awareness for research into ALS a.k.a. Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  Paul Bissonnette aka BizNasty was recently challenged by one of his teammates Keith Yandle.

Naturally in typical BizNasty like fashion he produced a Michael Bay type of video.  Better yet he ice bucket challenged Lebron James, Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers.  (No word on whether they have accepted yet)

BizNasty has become a constant target for chirps on twitter and other social media mediums. This social backlash was at it’s best yesterday after he posted his challenge.  It boggles me how someone can do something good like raise awareness and money for this cause but yet be called out as self-serving.  I for one enjoy his fun loving attitude about things and applaud his efforts.

Well done BizNasty…well done.



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Maple Leafs Pallbearers

Your choice of internet site visitation not withstanding (I’m sure you just accidentally stumbled upon this little source of mediocrity, it’s okay I won’t tell anyone…really I won’t) you are most likely a sophisticated and worldly type, so I’m sure you have heard this old adage before.

You know the one where the super fan has a dying wish to be let down one last time by his favorite team, so he/she will ask their pallbearers to wear that teams jersey while carrying their casket.  (If you have heard this one before I’m sure you heard it or would relay it with for more eloquence than I just did).

This actually happened and because it has a Toronto Maple Leaf theme, I took notice.  A gentleman named Terry Siebert from  Hamilton, Ontario passed away recently and on Friday his friends followed through on his request to be let down by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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