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Steve Yzerman and the rest of Hockey Canada’s brain trust announced it’s roster for the 2014 Sochi games today.  The naming of this team has been on the minds of many Canadians for months.  The pre-naming shows, the over analysis, the projections and the mock “MY TEAM CANADA has..” lists that many created have been front and center in the minds of most Canadian hockey fans across the nation.

Today Steve Yzerman stood at the podium to announce the 25 players selected to represent Canada.  I watched anxiously along with my class on live stream from TSN.ca each and every pick.  The class cheered for the GTA selections of P.K Subban, John Tavares. Steve Stamkos and Rick Nash (several text messages from the DUKE would drown out the cheering for this selection).  Finally the last pick was called and to my surprise………………I was left off the list.   Overlooked again.

To my knowledge you don’t have to be currently be playing in the NHL to be considered for the squad.  So I thought there was  chance that Yzerman might dial me up early this morning and tell me to pack my bags for Sochi.  In my mind this wasn’t out of the realm of possiblity as I’ve been sniping it up in my local Sunday morning shinny league this season.  My skill set would be something that most teams wouldn’t have.   I’m doubtful that the Scandinavian countries would have a stout grinder of my size on their squad that could compliment and ride shot gun on Sidney Crosby’s line. unfortunately Yzerman stayed the course and didn’t think out of the box and it would appear that I won’t be heading to Sochi. The First Lady, the Association and the Merger will be crushed.  Perhaps I’ll call Martin St. Louis , Joe Thornton and Claude Giroux (some other notable snubs) so we can get together to watch the games in disgust together.

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Sidney Crosby is the star of a new commercial for Tim Hortons. (Thanks to the Duke from Port Dover for the heads up)  With the Sochi Olympics a mere month away it’s never too early for a little nationalism.

Go Canada Go!

That is until the announcement of Team Canada’s hockey team on Tuesday, when every pick will be scrutinized and many folks will be upset about someone’s exclusion or inclusion of the Canadians picked to represent our fine nation.

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The Winter Classic was just that for Toronto Maple Leaf fans as the Blue and White came out on top with a 3-2 shootout victoire in front of 105 000 or so frozen fans at the Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  As per usual my lack of writing acumen can’t do this game justice, nor can it paint an accurate picture so I will defer to the real professionals and fine folks at the THE BIG LEAD for you to peruse some wonderful snapshots of the Winter Classic.  Not to be outdone here is a great recount of the game via the fine folks at GRANTLAND (they can actually put words into sentence unlike yours truly).

This hockey game was quite festive in nature at  both the Big House and our humble abode as well (many thanks to Mr. John Sleeman for producing the sweet barley and hops that helped keep me warm).  Unlike in years past, I am not a huge New Years eve kind of guy in terms of going out on the town to ring in the New Year (being a father of 2 young  boys who aren’t quite proficient at telling time deters me from having too many late evenings) so the Winter Classic was  a perfect way for me to ring in the 2014.  The First Lady, the Association, the Merger and I hosted a little Winter Classic viewing shin dig yesterday and we were joined by a future McMaster Hall of Famer along with his fantastic family plus another great buddy in Paddy McSweenz.

Being a life long Leaf fan has provided me with more than my share of heart-break and ridicule.  Their Stanley Cup drought is a constant (and may not end anytime soon).  So having the Blue and White being on a the winning side of a hand shake line at the Winter Classic might be as good as it gets for me.  Sharing this game with some great friends, their kids, the First Lady and my boys was pretty a decent way to start 2014.

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Being the Association’s and the Merger’s dad is easily the best job that I could ever ask for.  The hijinks that we partake in on a daily basis will serve me well in endless material to blog about for years to come (once I can swindle them into signing over their story rights.  The First Lady’s portion of their DNA has ensure that they become shrewd negotiators.)

Both of my boys are starting to really take an interest in hockey.  Each and every Sunday morning the fellas come to the rink to cheer on their lug of a daddy while he plays a little game of stick puck.  This interest in Sunday morning hockey has fueled a legit interest into some NHL hockey.  By association both of the boys seem to like the Toronto Maple Leafs (Editor’s Note:  They don’t eat unless they share the passion that unites us all).  

Their NHL hockey team of choice (a term that can be used loosely I suppose) aside their budding interest into the game of hockey is surely a delight to this fat cat.  With that we were in our local grocery store the other day when we came across a blast from my past – The  NHL STICKER BOOK



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The First Lady and I’s humble abode is getting some work done on it today (you guessed right if you guessed a newly constructed moat is being dredged around our compound) so Daddy Daycare is lagging around with the Association and Merger dowstairs catching up on some screen time.

Why is this relevant you say?  It isn’t really, it simply paints the unclear picture of how I’m passing the time today (rather than keeping up to date with the Busytown Mysteries that my fellas are watching).  So with this in mind I came across an interesting list of the 10 greatest athletes in Toronto sports history.

It would appear that my 7 for 7 game earlier this week i Burlington slo-pitch action wasn’t enough to get a sniff at this list so please try to hide your disappointment and give kudos to the names that actually appear on this list.  The pro sports landscape in Toronto hasn’t been that great for a long time.  The Leafs haven’t tasted alcoholic bevvy’s from the cup in some 40 years.  The Blue Jays can’t dine off the glory years any longer. The Raptors have won one playoff round in their franchise history.  The TFC is setting all kinds of standards for futility.  The only franchise that has won is their CFL team in double blue that I dare not mention since the TICAT fan in me won’t allow it.

Take a look at the names that are on the list and see what you think.  Joe Carter, Roberto Alomar, Mats Sundin, Vince Carter…… Click on this link so you can cast your own vote.  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Think others should be there?  Fill me in on your thoughts.


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David Clarkson and Wendel Clark.  What else do I need to break my silence on all things concerning my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.  I’ve made myself a healthy scratch for the better part of a year when it comes to commenting on most things concerning the Leafs.  I’d like to announce that it was a noble attempt and political stance based on last season’s lockout but that would be an outright lie.

Apathy is the culprit here my friends.  I’ve recounted many times in my last few posts that I’ve become so busy with family stuff and work stuff (yes I do that from time to time) that I can honestly say that I had zero interest and energy to address the issues concerning the club.  This past season for the Leafs was a successful one compared to the past 8 so I can’t be all that depressed about their future prospects.  A game 7 collapse to the Boston Bruins wasn’t exactly a good way to exit the playoffs but it at least gave fodder for those non-Leaf fans (and some closet Leaf fans) to chat about.

This offseason the Leafs have fired up the minds and tongues of many by awarding forward David Clarkson a 7 year contract.  I can’t turn on the radio, look at the TV or be on any form of social media without hearing how the Leafs overpaid for the power forward.  This may be true, but why should anyone care?  Face it if the Leafs didn’t pony up for Clarkson the masses would’ve complained that they aren’t committed to winning.  It’s really a lose/lose situation (much like Rosie Perez said about the Stooky Bros in WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP).

I have no doubt that 7 years of David Clarkson is going to be much more fruitful for the Blue and White than having such luminaries like Marcel Mueller, Christian Hanson or Luca Caputi patrol the wing.

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You can file the following under “some folk have way too much money”.  A Ontario lawyer Jim Vigmond recently purchased a toilet for whopping $5300.  Grant you this isn’t your run of the mill energy-efficient toilet that is sure to get you some kind of municipal rebate.  The toilet that Mr. Vigmond purchased is a toilet from Maple Leafs Gardens and more specifically a toilet from inside the Leafs dressing room.

$5300 dollars is awful hefty price to pay just to say you have shared the throne with the likes of Greg Terrion,  Jim Korn or Val James (I’ve been waiting for a pretty long time to work those names into a post so work with me would ya folks).  Even Mr. Vigmond’s friends think he might be a little misguided with his recent purchase.

“They thought I had money to burn, and surely there was something that I could have better spent my money on,” he said.

They’ve got a point. But … it’s a part of an icon. I just thought … what a rare piece and just think of all of the people that have spent time contemplating in that dressing room what lies ahead of them.”

Vigmond plans on putting the toilet in his sports memorabilia room, where he wants to sit on it, light up a Cuban cigar, open a bottle of 30-year-old single malt, and hopefully, watch a Leafs game sometime soon.

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