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Tonight is a dark night in the NHL (for most Leaf fans that is most nights but I digress) and the only stick and puck game worthy of typing about is the CHL prospects game.  This game will allow those who tune in (and the many scouts in attendance) another chance to see Connor McDavid scoot around the ice while others try their best (often in vain) to catch him.

This year’s game will also feature a defenceman named Matt Spencer of the Peterborough Petes.  I’ve been fortunate enough to play hockey with the aforementioned Spencer’s father for the past few winters. Luckily for Matt it would appear that his high hockey acumen has come from his mother, as I can routinely be seen blowing by his father off the wing every Sunday morning (would I lie?).

Other than having a friend’s son play in this game (providing yet more evidence of me getting older and older) this all in prospect format is usually much better  hockey than the high-end shinny hockey that NHL all-star game that will be played later on this weekend.  The players play with a high intensity and unlike the NHL’s version there is plenty of hitting and from time to time a dust-up or two.

Case in point the 2003 game in which Dion Phaneuf dropped the gloves with Paul “Biznasty” Bissonnette. Enjoy!



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