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The Toronto Maple Leafs fired their coach Randy Carlyle today.  Yet another losing swoon is upon the Leafs so it’s been decided by management that they have had enough of Carlyle and it’s time to take the team in another direction. Unfortunately as a life long Leaf fan I’ve seen the firing the coach manoeuvre many a times and to be honest the only time it’s ever really worked was when Pat Quinn was at the helm.  So I’m not holding out too much hope for the Peter Horachek/Steve Spott era.

Obviously the big wish is for someone like Mike Babcock to be available come this summer and for Babcock to want to be the next head coach of the blue and white.  Like many things concerning the Leafs there seems to be many moving parts in this plan.  So time will tell.

As for Carlyle I’m not really going to miss him.  Hired to be fired is the NHL coaching motto.  It would appear by many reports circulating today that Phil Kessel isn’t going to miss him either.  One thing I will miss is this video clip with Carlyle and Kessel.  An utter classic that I can watch over and over again.

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