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I haven’t posted in quite sometime.  I am known to do more often than not (and yet the world continues to spin).  Thankfully my good pal by way of Mergl Drive in Port Dover, Ontario THE STIG is ready and willing to pick up the slack (or pick up the slacker that I am) and deliver some thoughts on the recent ending of the NBA finals.  Enjoy!!


NBA Action is Fantastic!  I know, I know-that was the NBA’s slogan from the 80s but it’s changed so much over the years that it’s hard to keep up with.

Another thing that is hard to do is to watch basketball when you’re wife is a Lebron James fan and you’re not.  That was the case in my house with the NBA Finals this year.  Watching Lebron James dribble the ball for 18 seconds and then start the offence was gruelling enough but to hear a cheer every time Cleveland did something good was worse.

And yet, during the game last night, we had an interesting conversation.  My son crawled into bed with us and asked who was the best player.  My wife answered with Steph Curry as he is the current MVP and I countered with LBJ.  What just happened?  How could this be?  I hate King James and here I was defending him!  Was I taking crazy pills again?

We both made valid arguments and then we laughed.  I feel asleep two minutes into the 4th quarter and was awoken to the TV going off.

“What happened?” I asked my wife.

“Cleveland lost.” was her reply.

In a daze, I asked, “So Golden State won?”

She didn’t answer and then we went to bed.

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In a past life I was somebody that could often be found playing pickup basketball against his pals on many courts located in Port Dover, Ontario (truthfully that should be written as court as Port Dover didn’t have many so the Public School was the only choice on many occasions).

I loved playing pick-up ball against my pals Ludgie, Turk, Duke, Dano, King, Bon Bon and the Kernel. There was nothing better than using my Charles Barkley like frame (minus the 6-4 height, but the weight was on point) to back the Duke down and pour point after point in only to see him have a melt down and throw the ball against the wall in disgust (don’t lie Dukie this happened and happened again chez Operation Omelette).

It’s unfortunate that the Public School courts have been replaced with homes and it’s even more unfortunate that as a group me and my buddies never seem to think about organizing a random game sometime.  I’m as guilty as any of the group but today I came across a video that made me think IT’S TIME TO GET BACK on the court.  Check it out and if any of my pals read this please tell me which player you think you are.  Enjoy mes amis!!

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