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Since I’ve been on a posting strike (self inflicted as previously noted) I didn’t really post my thoughts during the baseball hotstove last off season about the prospects of the Toronto Blue Jays returning to glory.  If I was a revisionist historian I could easily play the “I told ya so” card and pretend that I didn’t think they would be any good in the AL east.  Alas I’m not such a jerk (a jerk I am, but not this kind).

The Blue Jays season hasn’t unfolded as it was scripted as of yet.  Minus the 11 game winning streak, the Kawasaki phenomenon or the Steve “#RaisetheBar” Delabar all-star nomination the Jays season has a been a bust.  A glass half full guy would suggest that half the season is still there for the taking, however a realist might tell you otherwise.  Truth be told the Jays are a flawed a team.  I still think that they have the makings of a team that can compete, but I think they collectively as a squad need to rededicate the way they play the game.

My most pressing concern while watching the Jays play is how they approach their at bats.  They have far too many swing and miss type of ball players.  All or nothing can’t play in the AL East.  That’s why somebody like Kawasaki is beloved by the fans/media because of the way he grinds out his at bats.  For the Jays to a consistent threat game in game out they need to change their offensive style.  But who am I, right?

The fine folks at Grantland.com take a much more comprehensive look at the Jays and their troubles.  As per usual I suggest you take a read from a more legitimate source and a writer who most definitely hasn’t made as many grammar mistakes I have today (I’m sorry to my former editor the First Lady…end your strike would ya?)


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