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What a game!! There aren’t enough superlatives to toss out to describe today’s NFC championship game that pitted the Green Bay Packers vs. the Seattle Seahawks.  Usually when the First Lady and I watch the game with our kids (the Association and the Merger) our viewing is pretty limited.  However today we were able to watch the exciting end to this classic because of them.  (Bless their little sport loving hearts)

With the Seahawks down decidedly in this game the First Lady and I went on to prepare our Sunday night feast (for you foodies out there we dined on pork chops stuffed with goat cheese and spinach – delish is the review on this meal).  With us parentals out of the way the boys decided to change from the NFC championship game to a more suitable program for their age and peer group. That program was Special Agent OSO.  When dinner was ready and the Seahawks down 19-7 we went about our business and turned off the television.

As dinner went on we discussed the weekends events and yada yada yada before desert was summoned upon the Merger said “Hey Dad who is winning the game?”.  It was at this point we turned on the radio in the kitchen to hear the score.  19-14 Packers with 2 minutes to go.  The Association and the Merger both look at me and say “Desert downstairs?  Let’s watch the game!!”  What a great call by the youngsters (second best call of the day apparently coming in slightly behind the fake punt that Jon Ryan threw for a score).

The whole family was glued to the television as we watched Marshawn Lynch rumble to a go ahead touchdown.  Both the boys were slapping high fives (while getting in nibbles of cake and the last licks on a lollipop).  The boys became Seahawks right there.  They were undaunted by the Packers game tying field goal (although they firmly believe that Mason Crosby is related to their hero Sidney) and never lost hope.  The screams and victory dances as Russell Wilson connected with Jermaine Kearse were probably YouTube worthy.  What a complete joy to see them so invested to the last 2 minutes and OT.

A great Sunday all around but I have to thanks my kids for letting me in on this game.  Thanks boys!

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Super Sunday is upon us and for many the game is actually secondary to many.  I myself am cheering for my adopted favourite NFL team the Seattle Seahawks (EDITORS NOTE: being a Buffalo Bills fan usually means I have to pick another team to cheer for during the playoffs due to the Bills lack of inclusion. I picked the Seahawks a year ago and I’m riding this team to the Lombardi trophy.  Deal with it Duke from Port Dover:)

A lot of folks are more concerned with the mountains of food and alcohol they will consume on this day.  Others are worried about the prop bets they may have laid.  While a good number of the millions tuning into the game are only interested in watching the commercial (it should be noted that many Canadians aren’t that interested in watching the commercials since we usually only see the same 4 CTV commercials the whole game).

The early favourite for commercial of the Superbowl is this Bud Light spot that features STFA’s Fine Fiver Minka Kelly (she had me at hello and I’ve since gone out and purchased a light grey jacket and blue pocket square and a plethora of canned Bud Light in hopes of chance encounter with her.)

If you haven’t seen this commercial yet enjoy.  If you do get to see all the commercials let me know what your faves were in the comment section.

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This post game interview by Erin Andrews with Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman is an instant classic.  Kudos to Andrews for holding it together while Sherman ripped into San Francisco 49er’s wide receiver Michael Crabtree.  Her facial expressions during this rant are priceless.

I’m the best corner in the game! When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you’re going to get. Don’t you ever talk about me. Don’t you open your mouth about the best, or I’ll shut it for you real quick.”

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