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Team Canada beer fridge

Genius work here by the fine folks at Molsons (I am somewhat obligated to call them” fine folks” as they signed my pay cheques in the summer of 2000) who have produced a beer fridge that opens only when a Canadian passport is scanned.  These beautiful beer fridges have been set up at Canada Olympic House in Sochi offering free Molson products to Canada’s Olympians and their friends.

Yet another reason to cherish your Canadian passport.  GO CANADA GO!!

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Canadian mogul skiers Justine and Chloe Dufour-Lapointe won Gold and Silver medals on Saturday night.  A pretty impressive feat to say the least for a family members to take the top 2 places on an Olympic podium

To put it into perspective that would be the equivalent of either one my wonderful sisters being nominated for a Canadian Blog award and us finishing 1 and 2.


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Tough news on the Team Canada front today.  News has filtered down that Steven Stamkos is out for the upcoming Olympics in Sochi.

So maybe, just maybe there’s a chance that I’m headed to Sochi after all. It might be prudent for me to clear my schedule next week in case the call comes from Hockey Canada’s brass about being the injury replacement for the injured Steven Stamkos. (Although truth be told I’ve been held off the score sheet the past few outings in the local Sunday morning league.  Stats don’t lie friends)

Today is obviously very disappointing for me,” Stamkos said.  “I honestly believe that we did everything possible in order to have my injured leg ready in time for the Olympics, but I realize you can’t force healing. I know, in the best interest of my long term health, I cannot represent Canada in Sochi, as much as I would like to. I would like to thank the training staff for their dedication and hard work and I look forward to returning to the Lightning once cleared by the medical team.

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This Is The Best Speed Skating Photo Of All Time

The Netherlands’ Sjinkie Knegt (say that ten times fast) unloads both barrels on Russia’s Victor An after losing the men’s 5000m relay at ISU European short track speed skating championships this past Sunday.

The dutch speed skater isn’t very fond of the Russian’s will to win apparently.  This my friends (and for the kids that have veered off much better sites on this thing we call the information highway) isn’t what one would call sportsmanship at all.

However as it lies sportsmanship or no sportsmanship it is a funny pic nonetheless.

And so is this one

So Why Was That Angry Speed Skating Guy So Angry?


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Who doesn’t love an underdog story?  From time to time I feel compelled to tell the 8 loyal readers of mine (granted 6 of you are by accident) about something other than the normal drivel I provide you with.  I’d like to draw your attention to the upcoming Sochi Winter Games and a cause that I hope comes to fruition.

The Jamaican Bobsled team has qualified for SOCHI ’14.  Remember the cult classic movie Cool Runnings?  Cool Runnings hit cinemas in 1993 in a film about the first Jamaican Bobsled team trying to make it to the Winter Olympics.  It starred John Candy (yes Uncle Buck himself) – among others.  The story was based on an actual team that competed in the Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988.  Unfortunately the slick track and speedy turns aren’t the only obstacles this team needs to overcome to make their dreams come true.

This edition of the Jamaican bobsled team is going to need some financial help to get to Sochi.  According to reports they are short 80 000 dollars.  Thankfully some benevolent folks in the cyberworld are taking up their cause by using multiple crowd funding sites and they have already raised 13 000 dollars.

For a more accurate account of this check out this link.

UPDATE: It would appear that the dream is alive and well for the Jamaican bobsled team.  Jamaica is going to pick up the tab. Read it here 


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Steve Yzerman and the rest of Hockey Canada’s brain trust announced it’s roster for the 2014 Sochi games today.  The naming of this team has been on the minds of many Canadians for months.  The pre-naming shows, the over analysis, the projections and the mock “MY TEAM CANADA has..” lists that many created have been front and center in the minds of most Canadian hockey fans across the nation.

Today Steve Yzerman stood at the podium to announce the 25 players selected to represent Canada.  I watched anxiously along with my class on live stream from TSN.ca each and every pick.  The class cheered for the GTA selections of P.K Subban, John Tavares. Steve Stamkos and Rick Nash (several text messages from the DUKE would drown out the cheering for this selection).  Finally the last pick was called and to my surprise………………I was left off the list.   Overlooked again.

To my knowledge you don’t have to be currently be playing in the NHL to be considered for the squad.  So I thought there was  chance that Yzerman might dial me up early this morning and tell me to pack my bags for Sochi.  In my mind this wasn’t out of the realm of possiblity as I’ve been sniping it up in my local Sunday morning shinny league this season.  My skill set would be something that most teams wouldn’t have.   I’m doubtful that the Scandinavian countries would have a stout grinder of my size on their squad that could compliment and ride shot gun on Sidney Crosby’s line. unfortunately Yzerman stayed the course and didn’t think out of the box and it would appear that I won’t be heading to Sochi. The First Lady, the Association and the Merger will be crushed.  Perhaps I’ll call Martin St. Louis , Joe Thornton and Claude Giroux (some other notable snubs) so we can get together to watch the games in disgust together.

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Sidney Crosby is the star of a new commercial for Tim Hortons. (Thanks to the Duke from Port Dover for the heads up)  With the Sochi Olympics a mere month away it’s never too early for a little nationalism.

Go Canada Go!

That is until the announcement of Team Canada’s hockey team on Tuesday, when every pick will be scrutinized and many folks will be upset about someone’s exclusion or inclusion of the Canadians picked to represent our fine nation.

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