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One would think I would automatically qualify for such a list.  Amazingly enough my personal request for freshly cut up oranges, warm towels and sparkling Perrier water in my bottle during my Sunday morning hockey game aren’t enough to get me on this list.  Does this mean my request are acceptable?

In any event To see who did make the list click here.   

What are your thoughts?  Did these fine folks miss someone?  Over step on others?  Your feedback is always appreciated and your comments (although edited to make it appear you agree and like me) are always posted.

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Around our house this evening we are busy making our final preparations for tomorrow’s trick or treating fest.  The costumes are ready, the decorations are set, the pumpkins are carved and the little ghouls and goblins candy is already bought.  The last thing on our list to finalize is who is going to come as part of our entourage. 

Our current crew is currently constructed as:

The Association is a skeleton, the Merger is a pirate, the First Lady is a witch and I’m going as a ghost buster. 

However after perusing the following pics………………………………………..

Methinks that you can never have too many police officers or circus performers in your trick and treating crew,right?  She can even bring the Wayner if she wants.

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