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Bo Jackson celebrated his 50th birthday today.  As a kid there were few athletes I admired more than Bo Jackson.  Quite simply the man could do it all.  Whether is was crushing fastballs out to straight away center as a member of the Kansas City Royals or running over Brian Bosworth on Monday Night Football for the Raiders, Bo had a flair for the dramatic.  It’s one of my biggest sporting regrets not to see him play in person.

Thanks to the SI vault here’s a look at 50 classic pics of Bo Jackson.  If these pics aren’t enough nostalgia for you perhaps a viewing of Jackson’s BO KNOWS campaign will suffice.

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The 100 Greatest Sports Photos of All Time

As a kid who was obsessed with sports there was nothing finer (than Harold Miner…probably not so) than waiting each week for my SI to come in the mail.  I can still recall a rainy day in 1983 when my dad first made the call to subscribe for SI after seeing a commercial for a free football and phone with each new SI subscription. (It should be noted that this occurred while he was watching a soap opera entitled ANOTHER WORLD…sorry Ricco for wrecking your street cred)

From that point on I was hooked on SI.  I was so enthralled with the magazine (even the non swimsuit editions at that point) that I would go to garage sales specifically to look for old SI’s so that I could peruse the stories and most of all the pics.  With the advent of the information highway I’ve since stopped my subscription but I’m a frequent visitor to www.cnnsi.com

As luck would have SI has now compiled their 100 greatest sports photos.   If you have a few minutes to kill (judging by the fact that you are reading this right now would suggest that you have more than a few minutes to kill) than flick through each and every one of these pics.  You most likely won’t be disappointed.  Enjoy!

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