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Canadian Blog Awards 2013

It’s time for some shameless self promotion my friends (for those who know you might be saying “when isn’t it?“). I’ve been nominated  for a Canadian Blog Award in the category of Best Sports Blog (although it probably should have been nominated in the Didn’t Your Teacher Teach You Any Grammar category) .

If this isn’t the first time you have stumbled on my little blog (thank goodness for wayward internet travellers) you will realize that a vote for me is a vote for a marginally talented hack.  So I urge you for all us marginally talented hacks (with the unique ability to cut and paste) be kind and click HERE where you will be transported down the information highway to the poll site.  Scroll down and find the best sports blog section and click STRAIGHT FROM THE ARSE.   For this my friends I thank you.

In all honesty my friends and accidental visitors (your votes count too)I’m truly honored to be nominated alongside with so many great and talented folks.   Thanks for the support and please stop by for a visit again.




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It’s really embarrassing but one of the first things that comes up when you type my name into Google is ‘Jessica Ennis bum – Jessica Ennis, Great Britain Olympian

The eve of the New Year is upon us and so is the many upon many list of 2012 moments.  Lucky for me the first of these lists that I’ve come across is from the supremely talented Bruce Arthur of the National post.  Here’s his look back at 2012 Year in Sport – The Year in Lip.

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The 100 Greatest Sports Photos of All Time

As a kid who was obsessed with sports there was nothing finer (than Harold Miner…probably not so) than waiting each week for my SI to come in the mail.  I can still recall a rainy day in 1983 when my dad first made the call to subscribe for SI after seeing a commercial for a free football and phone with each new SI subscription. (It should be noted that this occurred while he was watching a soap opera entitled ANOTHER WORLD…sorry Ricco for wrecking your street cred)

From that point on I was hooked on SI.  I was so enthralled with the magazine (even the non swimsuit editions at that point) that I would go to garage sales specifically to look for old SI’s so that I could peruse the stories and most of all the pics.  With the advent of the information highway I’ve since stopped my subscription but I’m a frequent visitor to www.cnnsi.com

As luck would have SI has now compiled their 100 greatest sports photos.   If you have a few minutes to kill (judging by the fact that you are reading this right now would suggest that you have more than a few minutes to kill) than flick through each and every one of these pics.  You most likely won’t be disappointed.  Enjoy!

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One would think I would automatically qualify for such a list.  Amazingly enough my personal request for freshly cut up oranges, warm towels and sparkling Perrier water in my bottle during my Sunday morning hockey game aren’t enough to get me on this list.  Does this mean my request are acceptable?

In any event To see who did make the list click here.   

What are your thoughts?  Did these fine folks miss someone?  Over step on others?  Your feedback is always appreciated and your comments (although edited to make it appear you agree and like me) are always posted.

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