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I’ve long been a fan of Erin Andrews and her work (look it up in the archives if you will).  So when the yearly (monthly/daily) list of best looking female sportscasters hits the web I feel I have a  certain obligation to loyal readers like the King in North East, Pennsylvania to post such a list (it also affords me the opportunity to post gratuitous pics of Erin Andrews for no reason.   RICHARD SHERMAN and his post game interview now has given me a legit reason.  Well done #25).

In perusing Busted Coverage’s list of 75 Hottest Female Sportscasters I was left to ponder why Erin Andrews wasn’t higher on the list?  Judging by the pictures of the other ladies on the list  it would appear that she doesn’t have a risque enough Instagram account to gain traction in the upper half of the rankings.  Again I’m sure last night’s Richard Sherman interview will balance the lack of Instagram pics vs. on field production in next year’s rankings.

On a final note I was pleased to see some Canadian content in these rankings with Sportsnet’s Erin Hawksworth’s inclusion.   It’s always nice to be included, isn’t it?  Well done Canada!


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