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Finally the time has come to write something here in the posting waste land of mediocre musings.  Thus far the summer has been fantastic on many levels so I thought today of all days should be the day to end the posting hiatus (collectively I know the internet as a whole is yawning at this news).

Truth be told today is the day that both the Association and the Merger (my 2 young sons) started summer camp, thus leaving me with a few moments to spare.  Having the 2 youngsters by my side each and everyday in the summer is a complete joy but it leaves me with limited time to bore you all with my barely passable grammar and questionable punctuation.

I had a goal for the new year that this little site that shouldn’t would get to 500 000 hits so I better fire up some content. Luckily for me the teams that I support (formerly drink to) are surrounded by as much positive mojo then I can ever recall.  It’s good to be back (for at least this day)

Cheers my friends and family (or random unfortunate wayward internet travellers)


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During the summer months I try not to do much in the way of work (some might argue that this mantra might not be exclusive to only the summer months…but I digress).

I was contacted earlier this summer by the makers of a new hockey card game called SHOOTERZ.  I’m flattered to be asked and even more flattered to receive a promotional copy to aid me in entertaining both my boys the Association and the Merger this summer (thanks Randy from Caper Games much obliged).

Shooterz is a game produced by Caper games, a Canadian company from Victoria, British Columbia.  The game itself comes in a small box so I was able to hide it from my young fellas for a few days until I could read up and watch the easy instructional you tube video  (much like in teaching sometimes I have to pre-teach myself before I teach others…so deep and inspirational, right?)

The quick and easy research (is there any other kind for me?) informed me that Shooterz is a head-to-head hockey card game where players look for combinations to shoot for a goal and make saves.  The suggested age for the game is 8 years or older and it’s a 2 player game.   I explained to my 6 and 4-year-old boys that they had to be 8 to play but they were adamant in the desire to play so we made a few modifications to the teams (The Association was pitted against The Merger and I) and we started to play (in truth my maturity should be called into question before I make light of theirs).

The game was pretty fun  for us to play.  My boys have a remarkable hockey I.Q for their ages and having a head to head match up vs. each other was our usual modus operandi.  Having just learned about how to play the game UNO was a huge help as we navigated our way through the game.  The Merger was a big fan of controlling our  team goalie (which was the blue team as we decided it was closest to the Leafs) and The Association was very eager to collect the necessary cards so he could launch a “howitzer” (his words, not mine) at our net.

Although we didn’t follow the rules perfectly, collectively we had a great time playing.  The head to head aspect of the game is quite reflective to the adversarial games we have been playing this summer (by design or otherwise).  As the fellas grow older and I could definitely see how Shooterz could be a great companion at a hockey tournament or a great after school activity.  Our household has great love for sports and truthfully it’s nice to have the option to play a card game vs. some new app that might be available on the IPAD.

I’m no Siskel nor do I have a  hip rating system but I’d suggest that Shooterz is well worth a look to anyone that is reading this (whether it’s legitimate…thanks Mom or just another accidental visit).  If you do feel you want to try to play Shooterz fire off a message to Randy from Caper Games and tell him I sent you.




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