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Ivo Karlovic, a 6’11″ Croatian, beat Dudi Sela, a 5’9″ Israeli, (7-6, 7-6) at the Claro Open Championship in Bogotá, Colombia on Thursday. As the final point became official, Sela immediately ran away from the net to get a chair while Karlovic waited for the traditional post-match handshake.

Dudi Sela’s smart manoeuvre has been utilized many of times by your truly when posing for any picture with the First Lady.  Her height (or my lack there of) makes carrying a step stool around with me a must.  So if you see me out in public holding a step ladder or sporting lifts in my shoes, please don’t judge I’m simply preparing to have my picture taken with my wife.


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Novak Djokovic provided the crowd the Rogers Cup in Montreal with some fantastic post match dancing to Daft Punk’s “GET LUCKY”.  Some folks in the tennis circles I frequent (that’s you Jadin) aren’t enamored with the Joker, however I for one am a big fan of his.  His obvious tennis skill aside, I enjoy the exuberance that Djokovic displays when he’s on the court.  Tennis could use a few more characters like him


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