(Stop the presses  2 post in a matter of minutes….could I be mastering this thing they call technology?)
Still Going Strong
As the 5 people reading this know, I once tried out to be the Raptors mascot.  Despite the painful rejection of not getting the gig, they have been my favourite team in the NBA for the last 20 years.  Yes, they’ve been in the league for 20 years now.  You know what else has been around for 20 years?  This mouse pad.
I bought this mouse pad at my first Raptors game at Skydome, 20 years ago and have used it on a daily basis ever since.  I’m using it right now.  They were playing the Indiana Pacers that day and the Raptors got rocked.  They lost by 30.  I think Alvin Robinson had a solid game along with Ed Pinkney but who cares?
In 20 years, I’ve worked on a lot of computers, both at home and at different places of employment and this mouse pad has always been by my side.  Is it a good luck charm you ask?
No, it’s just a great mouse pad.  Doesn’t matter if its an optical mouse or an old school one with the ball inside.  This one stays put and doesn’t slide along the desk when you move your hand.  The mouse glides over it effortlessly.
I hope in 20 years, if we’re still using a mouse with our computers, I’ll still be using this mouse pad.

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