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The First Lady and I’s humble abode is getting some work done on it today (you guessed right if you guessed a newly constructed moat is being dredged around our compound) so Daddy Daycare is lagging around with the Association and Merger dowstairs catching up on some screen time.

Why is this relevant you say?  It isn’t really, it simply paints the unclear picture of how I’m passing the time today (rather than keeping up to date with the Busytown Mysteries that my fellas are watching).  So with this in mind I came across an interesting list of the 10 greatest athletes in Toronto sports history.

It would appear that my 7 for 7 game earlier this week i Burlington slo-pitch action wasn’t enough to get a sniff at this list so please try to hide your disappointment and give kudos to the names that actually appear on this list.  The pro sports landscape in Toronto hasn’t been that great for a long time.  The Leafs haven’t tasted alcoholic bevvy’s from the cup in some 40 years.  The Blue Jays can’t dine off the glory years any longer. The Raptors have won one playoff round in their franchise history.  The TFC is setting all kinds of standards for futility.  The only franchise that has won is their CFL team in double blue that I dare not mention since the TICAT fan in me won’t allow it.

Take a look at the names that are on the list and see what you think.  Joe Carter, Roberto Alomar, Mats Sundin, Vince Carter…… Click on this link so you can cast your own vote.  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Think others should be there?  Fill me in on your thoughts.


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Like many I have a decent commute into work each and everyday.  To that effect I’m pretty proud of my radio station dj performance on most days.  In terms of musical selection I like to begin my trek with an all sports radio appetizer so I can hear the latest in misery that is the Toronto sports scene (sorry Argo fans I can’t bring myself to believe that they won the Grey Cup).  I chase the sports rundown with a steady of dose of R and B for the remainder of my time in the car.   By sticking to my ritual today, I found a little holiday gold when I came across DMX singing  Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  This rendition made me smile.  So much so I figured I’d share it with you all.  Reminder friends  according to the partially eaten advent calendar in my kitchen you only have 3 shopping weeks left.  Enjoy the musical stylings of DMX.

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