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Tonight I was in the midst of using one of my numerous 2 for 1 Blizzard coupons at my local favourite brazier.  If you aren’t in on the Blizzard Fan Club get to stepping my friends.  I’ve stretched the boundaries of goodwill and have exposed a loophole where you can sign up from multiple email addresses. So if a someone of my average intellect and large waist size can do it imagine what someone of even greater brain power and overall girth will do.  When they get ahead of the greedy ice cream curve DQ is likely to shut the Blizzard Fan Club down.

Tonight while waiting in queue to retrieve the First Lady and I’s Blizzards of choice (mine is always Reese’s and hers if Cookie Dough) I was witness to some sloppy drive-thru etiquette.  The car ahead of me had obviously paid for his/her purchases and in my opinion received their ice cream or novelty selection is a timely manner.  So what is all the fuss about  this apparent lack of drive-thru etiquette that you may be asking yourself?  Well you see my friends to me the transaction ahead me should’ve been over. Each party seemed to have performed the required duties, but the Dodge Caravan in front of me proceeded to wait at the window for 5 minutes making sure everyone in his car was happy with their treats.  I saw him napkin up several times and dab away some excess ice cream from his/her passenger (I couldn’t tell the gender due to the combination of mullet hair cut and some fading tint wrap on the back window)

Finally I think the 16 year old maestro at the counter waved the Dodge Caravan away because of this needless delay.  The normal drive-thru etiquette would call for the Dodge Caravan to simply pull ahead and wipe up any waste that may have come from their misfortune in their transaction, no?  A timely departure from the pick up window is a must.  This did not occur ce soir and this left yours truly befuddled to say the least.

Has anyone else fallen victim to some shaddy drive-thru etiquette in the past?

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