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Can you believe it has been 26 years since Nintendo released Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out? Kids like me were introduced to the joy of battling characters like Glass Joe, Soda Popinski and Don Flamenco in the comfort of their own homes. Training with Little Mac and firing through the roster of characters just to try for a chance to face Mike Tyson himself was a daily ritual for me and many.   I can vividly remember the first time I got to the end of the game and had to face Tyson.  I was so nervous that I paused the game for like an hour just to let my thumbs rest up for the big bout.

Sadly it would appear that the champ himself didn’t partake in such joy.  Mike Tyson played his very own game for the first time the other night on Fox Sports 1.  This is unfathomable to me because I have spent many hours crafting my very likeness into many video games, so there’s no doubt that I wouldn’t have waited 26 years to play a game that had me in it.


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There’s many a night when Twitter becomes my best friend.  The First Lady likes to call it an evening from time to time (if you were married to me and had to put up with my antics you too would likely need more sleep than most).  It’s during these times that I like to fire up Twitter to pass the time.  The other night was such an evening and I was being mildly entertained by many Canadian hockey pundits twitter feeds in light of the ongoing saga that is the NHL lockout when out of the blue I noticed that a hairy wookie’s twitter handle popped up in my feed.  It was a my good friend Chewy McWheeler (follow him at @MFLA) alerting me to some internet gold.



Like many things I’m a little slow on the uptake of all things popular (are parachute pants going to come back in style or should I toss them aside now?)  but I’m glad to have stumbled upon this little fantastic little time waster.  In classic early 90’s video game form Dikembe Mutombo proves to be the perfect foil for the Mayans and their calendar.  If the fate of the world is in the massive finger wagging hands of Dikembe Mutombo then you might as well go out and purchase your Mayan friends a 2013 Calendar.

Thanks Chewy for the intel.

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