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The Winter Classic was just that for Toronto Maple Leaf fans as the Blue and White came out on top with a 3-2 shootout victoire in front of 105 000 or so frozen fans at the Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  As per usual my lack of writing acumen can’t do this game justice, nor can it paint an accurate picture so I will defer to the real professionals and fine folks at the THE BIG LEAD for you to peruse some wonderful snapshots of the Winter Classic.  Not to be outdone here is a great recount of the game via the fine folks at GRANTLAND (they can actually put words into sentence unlike yours truly).

This hockey game was quite festive in nature at  both the Big House and our humble abode as well (many thanks to Mr. John Sleeman for producing the sweet barley and hops that helped keep me warm).  Unlike in years past, I am not a huge New Years eve kind of guy in terms of going out on the town to ring in the New Year (being a father of 2 young  boys who aren’t quite proficient at telling time deters me from having too many late evenings) so the Winter Classic was  a perfect way for me to ring in the 2014.  The First Lady, the Association, the Merger and I hosted a little Winter Classic viewing shin dig yesterday and we were joined by a future McMaster Hall of Famer along with his fantastic family plus another great buddy in Paddy McSweenz.

Being a life long Leaf fan has provided me with more than my share of heart-break and ridicule.  Their Stanley Cup drought is a constant (and may not end anytime soon).  So having the Blue and White being on a the winning side of a hand shake line at the Winter Classic might be as good as it gets for me.  Sharing this game with some great friends, their kids, the First Lady and my boys was pretty a decent way to start 2014.

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Since the NHL has decided to eschew their annual Winter Classic with all of their labour strife, I’ve decided that tonight’s annual Port Dover Christmas party (it would appear that the host Mr. Turkish Delight is on the Mayan Calendar when booking) should borrow the moniker of “WINTER CLASSIC”.


This year’s party as I mentioned is being hosted by the one and only Turkish Delight.  His hosting skills are going to be put to the test as I am going to be  a very demanding guest.  I expect valet parking once I clear the Burlington wall, a personal valet to mop up the sweat from my brow (which will mos def occur as I tend to glisten at these types of events) and most of all I need security protection from the Long brothers and their hand assault that they call a high five.

I’ll be on my best behaviour ce soir, as I will be accompanied by the First Lady.  She will hopefully keep me on the straight and narrow so I don’t have a repeat of the infamous bus trip to London for the 2010 edition of this party.  This was the fateful night where I decided to commence my Rye embargo.  I’m now in a Cal Ripken like streak of not drinking this elixir and I believe that we have all benefited from this decision.

As per all parties someone is going to be “that guy” and I’d usually place the Vegas odds on favourite as being the Turkish delight, but with him being the host the likelihood of him being crowned “that guy” is diminishing.  So in lieu of my usual pick I’ll have to pass the baton to my pal the KERN by default.  Best of luck KERN, no pressure.

On a serious note I’d like to wish my good friend and co-owner of the WALL OF ARSYLENCE as speedy recovery.  The Duke health has played tricks with him yet again and his presence will be greatly missed at this event.  I’ll be partaking in a toast of mini vodz in his honour.  Get well soon Dukie!!


Enjoy your evening friends! All the best! Cheers!

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