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It’s Charles Oakley bobblehead night as the Toronto Raptors host the Miami Heat and continue to fete their 20th anniversary.  In a past life I used to cherish the way Charles Oakley played the game of basketball and in an awkward twist of fate I used to collect bobbleheads, so naturally this evening is of a certain significance (don’t forget that it’s also the start of March Break and I’m sipping back copious amounts of some tasty scotch…goodtimes indeed)

Watching Oakley play was a pure joy for me.  He was that natural enforcer on the court.  A regular don’t mess with me or my mates kind of guy.  When he was traded to the Raptors for a soft player like Marcus Camby I was ecstatic as the Raptors desperately needed the leadership and toughness he supplied.

Off the court Charles Oakley seems to be an honest and states things as a matter of fact.  This type of style often leads to  a fantastic quote.  Case in point before today’s game he was asked what his thoughts were about the idea of having a bobblehead in his honour.  In classic Oakley fashion he offered this well timed gem.

Well I had a head so you never know what could happen.

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The Atlanta Hawks have just commemorated their finest player in franchise history Dominique Wilkins with a statue.  This is a great honour for Wilkins who is no doubt an icon in Atlanta and one of the 50 finest basketball players ever to lace up a pair of sneakers.

During his time on the court however Wilkins and his Atlanta Hawks mates were stymied by the likes of Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics and Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls.  As many will attest as good as Larry “Legend” Bird was on the court he was perhaps even better with his trash talk and quick wit.

When Larry Legend was informed about Wilkins and the statue he replied with this gem

I’m pretty sure it’s not made in a defensive stance.

I think this quote only cements Larry’s legendary status as a trash talker.  Insert Slow Clap…….

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Charles Barkley had a difficult time saying Toronto Raptors Jonas Valanciunas’ name last night.  Difficult is probably too soft of a qualifier for the linguistical ballet he performed on the Lithuanian’s name.  It was so bad that I’m pretty sure Don Cherry will be giving Chuck a lesson primer in the near future.


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(EDITOR’S NOTE: I’m a few days late on this story but I have a personal connection to it so I feel I need to post about it.)  

The Oklahoma City Thunder came away with an impressive 127-121 win over the Golden State Warriors last Friday night thanks to Kevin Durant’s (then) career-high 54 points.  Thunder power forward Nick Collison, however, would also like some credit.

While Durant made 19 of his 28 shots from the field, Collison drained 3 free throws.

This quote made me laugh because I can remember using the same material long before the twitter age.   (more…)

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Since I’m in a posting groove I would be remissed if I didn’t post up perhaps the best quote I’ve ever heard.  It’s from San Jose Shark Joe Thornton in regards to his 19 year old teammate Thomas Hertl scoring 4 goals in a game.

Joe Thonton :: Getty Images

The quote is a tad lewd so click this link to read it.


Lewd or not….funny stuff Joe.

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My husband can not f****ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.

Thank you Mrs. Tom Brady (Gisele Bundchen) for this classic quote.  Apparently this quote was in response to a heckling Giants fan.  Either way her words gave me a somewhat relevant reason to post her pic.  So for that I say thank you Gisele, thank you.

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Injuries in pro sports happen all the time. You can peruse the transactions in pretty much any newspaper in North American everyday and become familiar with each league’s injury report.

Dustin Penner of the Los Angeles Kings is currently out of the line-up with a bad back. Pretty standard injury one would think  for a hockey player who plays Penner’s style (or who is constantly in hot water over his playing weight).  However the true culprit that is responsible for his back injury could be his wife and her delicious pancakes.  I kid you not.

Here’s a quote from Dustin Penner himself.

I just leaned over to dip into some delicious pancakes that my wife made. It’s just like it (the pain) wraps around you and squeezes. … So it was disappointing. Hopefully it’s just an isolated incident, and not something that’s going to become chronic.”



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In the mind of Kevin Durant it would appear that the handle “The Rupaul of the NBA” still applies when it comes to describing Chris Bosh and his physical (or lack there of) play.

I was talking to my teammate and [Bosh] decided he wanted to put his two cents into it. I am quiet guy, laid back guy, but I’m not going to let nobody talk trash to me. He’s on a good team now so he thinks he can talk a little bit. There are a lot of fake tough guys in this league and he’s one of them.

I’ve long been a fan of Kevin Durant’s game on and off the court but with these words my appreciation for him has skyrocketed.  It wasn’t that long ago that Shaquille O’Neal dubbed Chris Bosh “The Rupaul Of Big Men” for his lack of toughness on defence during his time with the Toronto Raptors.  I’m not sure what has changed with his relocation to Miami but Bosh surely can’t consider himself a tough guy in the NBA. So I applaud Durant’s “fake tough guy” claim.

Anytime Chris Bosh wants to think that he’s the next coming of Charles Oakley he should immediately flash himself back to the moment when Antawn Jamison’s elbow connected with his beak.  That elbow should remind Bosh to stay 18 feet away from the net and just hand the ball off to D Wade and Lebron.

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Phil Kessel of the Leafs awaits last call at the NHL all-star fantasy draft on Friday night.

As I was sifting through some of the online scribes that I enjoy reading, I came across a good article by Damian Cox of the Toronto Star.  The article is about Phil Kessel being the last pick of the NHL Fantasy Draft.  Since Mr. Cox is much more of accomplished writer than I, please take the time to peruse his article. 

Let’s face it, if Paul Stastny had gone last instead of second-last, there would have been a couple of chuckles and a note at the bottom of a few stories.  But it was Kessel, and so, across Canada at least, there were screaming headlines — no, gleefully screaming headlines.

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Tracy Morgan is one funny dude.  Point, period and end of story.  The fact that I believe Morgan is legitamately crazy makes his live television appearances gold waiting to happen.  Case in point his appearance on TNT’s basketball coverage at Madison Square Garden the other night prior to the Heat and Knicks game.

 You can’t rehearse that type of reaction from Ernie, Kenny and Charles.  My favourite part of the whole clip is watching Morgan stare at Ernie Johnson waiting for some kind of approval.  I’ve seen the clip several times and after watching it again it nearly made coffee come out of my nose.  Well done and kudos to Tracy Morgan.

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