Ivo Karlovic, a 6’11″ Croatian, beat Dudi Sela, a 5’9″ Israeli, (7-6, 7-6) at the Claro Open Championship in Bogotá, Colombia on Thursday. As the final point became official, Sela immediately ran away from the net to get a chair while Karlovic waited for the traditional post-match handshake.

Dudi Sela’s smart manoeuvre has been utilized many of times by your truly when posing for any picture with the First Lady.  Her height (or my lack there of) makes carrying a step stool around with me a must.  So if you see me out in public holding a step ladder or sporting lifts in my shoes, please don’t judge I’m simply preparing to have my picture taken with my wife.


Great things can happen if you have the courage to be yourself

I didn’t get to see much of the ESPYS this year (it hasn’t been must see TV for me for quite sometime and as luck may have it the First Lady and I were in the midst of Orange is the New Black marathon so who can blame me, right?) but when I did turn the channel I was lucky enough to see Michael Sam accept the Arthur Ashe award for courage.  I can’t think of a more deserving figure in sports.

Sam’s speech is so powerful about being true to one’s self that I feel compelled to post it.

Could Green Bay Packers lineback A.J. Hawk be gearing up for a sequel of Happy Gilmore? Instead of being a hockey playing golf pro, perhaps Hawk will be the football verison?.  You see recently at the American Century Championship Celebrity Pro Am a fan asked Hawk to tackle him (probably another strike against the availability of alcoholic bevvies on the course).  Hawk acquiesced to the fan’s request.


Re2pect For Derek Jeter

I’m not a New York Yankee fan by any means.  I admire their excellence and tradition  but as a Toronto Blue Jays fan I’ve come to loathe their success at the expense of the team that I root for.

One Yankee that I cannot find fault in is the captain, Derek Jeter.  I have nothing but respect for him and this new Nike commercial is very apropos.

I too would like to tip my cap to number 2.

At a time when I should be putting words together to form sentences (I am capable of doing this grammatically correct from time to time) about the World Cup I am instead racing to the computer this evening to bark about something totally non sports related instead.

Normally one would be left to think that I’m eager to brag about my one of my children.  Unfortunately this post isn’t about the Association’s wonderful left footed strike on the pitch this past Saturday morning.  Nor is this sudden burst to the computer for me to pipe up and tell you about the Merger’s monstrous clout in his blast ball game.  Nope friends, this moment of shameless promotion is for dish soap.  Yes you read this correctly, I said dish soap. (Somewhere I trust that I’m floating somewhere in the future trying to enter a Delorian  in preparation to negate myself  from posting this meaningless piece of info).

The First Lady and I are having races to the dirty dish sink due to the wonderful smell of the soft touch Palmolive Coconut butter dish soap.  I know it’s unbelievable that I would race anywhere where food wasn’t offered but it’s true my friends.  There has never been any animosity at our humble abode when it comes to washing dishes, but there is now a level of discord when one of us doesn’t get a chance to wash them (I understand the strangeness of this dish washing vortex…it is bizarre).

Do you yourself a favour friends and seek out this product the next time you are at the grocery store or wherever you might buy your dish washing materials.

This has to be in the running for the best sign of World Cup thus far. 

Where O’ Where have I been?  (unfortunately the real life answer to his question isn’t that interesting).

It’s been quite some time since I last posted. In fact it took me several attempts just to log into my wordpress account because I couldn’t remember my password. However even with the trials and tribulations of gaining access to my own account I felt today would be a good day to post something and make straightfromthearse.wordpress.com somewhat relevant again (if having 14 dedicated readers makes your relevant than yes sir….I am relevant).



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