Have you ever heard the old adage “some guys have all the luck”?  In relation to me and my blog this old adage is blatantly true.  I mean how else could one explain STRAIGHT FROM THE ARSE being awarded as Best Sports Blog for the second year in a row from the fine folks at the Canadian Blog Awards?

Canadian Blog Awards 2013

I humbly must thank all 8 of my loyal readers for their votes and those of you that simply grin at the sight of my many grammar errors. You all are very kind.  Thank you all very much.

Team Canada beer fridge

Genius work here by the fine folks at Molsons (I am somewhat obligated to call them” fine folks” as they signed my pay cheques in the summer of 2000) who have produced a beer fridge that opens only when a Canadian passport is scanned.  These beautiful beer fridges have been set up at Canada Olympic House in Sochi offering free Molson products to Canada’s Olympians and their friends.

Yet another reason to cherish your Canadian passport.  GO CANADA GO!!


Canadian mogul skiers Justine and Chloe Dufour-Lapointe won Gold and Silver medals on Saturday night.  A pretty impressive feat to say the least for a family members to take the top 2 places on an Olympic podium

To put it into perspective that would be the equivalent of either one my wonderful sisters being nominated for a Canadian Blog award and us finishing 1 and 2.


Charles Barkley had a difficult time saying Toronto Raptors Jonas Valanciunas’ name last night.  Difficult is probably too soft of a qualifier for the linguistical ballet he performed on the Lithuanian’s name.  It was so bad that I’m pretty sure Don Cherry will be giving Chuck a lesson primer in the near future.


Tough news on the Team Canada front today.  News has filtered down that Steven Stamkos is out for the upcoming Olympics in Sochi.

So maybe, just maybe there’s a chance that I’m headed to Sochi after all. It might be prudent for me to clear my schedule next week in case the call comes from Hockey Canada’s brass about being the injury replacement for the injured Steven Stamkos. (Although truth be told I’ve been held off the score sheet the past few outings in the local Sunday morning league.  Stats don’t lie friends)

Today is obviously very disappointing for me,” Stamkos said.  “I honestly believe that we did everything possible in order to have my injured leg ready in time for the Olympics, but I realize you can’t force healing. I know, in the best interest of my long term health, I cannot represent Canada in Sochi, as much as I would like to. I would like to thank the training staff for their dedication and hard work and I look forward to returning to the Lightning once cleared by the medical team.


Canadian Blog Awards 2013

It’s time for some shameless self promotion my friends (for those who know you might be saying “when isn’t it?“). I’ve been nominated  for a Canadian Blog Award in the category of Best Sports Blog (although it probably should have been nominated in the Didn’t Your Teacher Teach You Any Grammar category) .

If this isn’t the first time you have stumbled on my little blog (thank goodness for wayward internet travellers) you will realize that a vote for me is a vote for a marginally talented hack.  So I urge you for all us marginally talented hacks (with the unique ability to cut and paste) be kind and click HERE where you will be transported down the information highway to the poll site.  Scroll down and find the best sports blog section and click STRAIGHT FROM THE ARSE.   For this my friends I thank you.

In all honesty my friends and accidental visitors (your votes count too)I’m truly honored to be nominated alongside with so many great and talented folks.   Thanks for the support and please stop by for a visit again.




I know I’ve already posted and referenced the importance of commercials to some during tonight’s Super Bowl but I just can’t stop from posting about the subject yet again.  The fine folks at the Bleacher Report have compiled a collection of the best Super Bowl commercials of all-time.

As luck would have it my 2 personal faves made the list. If you have the chance before the start of the game peruse their list and pay particular attention to the Doritos commercial featuring Ali Landry and the McDonalds commercial featuring Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. Solid work advertising at work in both of these ads.

Check out the whole list here.  http://bleacherreport.com/super-bowl-commercials/index.html#!  Tell them Straight From The Arse sent ya (tip your doorman while you are at it)

Enjoy the game (or commercials whatever the case may be). 


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